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Supreme Court Rejects Appeal by Abortion Business in suit against Texas Catholic Bishops Conference

by | Feb 20, 2019

By Indiana Right to Life

WASHINGTON – The United States Supreme Court today rejected an appeal by abortion provider Whole Woman’s Health in its suit against the Texas Catholic Bishops Conference.

In March 2018, Whole Woman’s Health served the Bishops with a subpoena, demanding access to decades’ worth of the Bishops’ communications regarding the topic of abortion, including internal communications regarding moral and theological deliberations among the Bishops.

The Bishops filed an emergency appeal to the Fifth Circuit after a trial judge ordered the Bishops to hand over their internal communications in June 2018. The Fifth Circuit granted the Bishops permanent protection on July 15, 2018, holding that the bishops should be protected from a “‘Hobson’s choice’ of retreating from the public square or defending [their] position.”

Whole Woman’s Health is continuing its effort to open an abortion business in South Bend after losing its 2018 appeal of a licensing denial by the Indiana State Department of Health.

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