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Why we share our stories of surviving abortions

by | Feb 14, 2019

By Melissa Ohden

Editor’s note. As most of our readers know, in 1977 Melissa survived a saline infusion abortion. She has written many times for NRL News and NRL News Today and appeared numerous times at NRLC’s annual convention. After seeing her on Fox & Friends, I asked her to write about her experience.

This past weekend, Claire Culwell, one of two twins who survived an abortion , and Josiah Presley, a curettage abortion survivor, joined me on Fox & Friends for not one, but two segments. We shared our stories of survival, adoption, the impact of love and forgiveness, and, yes, our thoughts on the recent rash of aggressively anti-life legislation sweeping the nation.

When you speak at any event or participate in any media interview, you can’t help but wonder about the impact you had. Although we’ll never know precisely, most of the time we get some feedback. And this was certainly case with Fox & Friends.

Before I had even left the studio, there were two emails sitting in my inbox from abortion survivors. They’d been watching the show and were grateful to learn that they weren’t alone. Two more have contacted me since then.

This is why we share our stories. Not only to educate and hopefully motivate those who attend events that we speak at or who watch television shows like Fox & Friends or listen to radio shows, but also to break down the walls of loneliness that so many survivors experience.

From the response that we’ve received, it’s well past time that survivors’ stories are front and center in our culture. People are craving hope and truth. When legislators in places like New York and Virginia and Vermont continue to push the abortion boundaries past birth and into infanticide, our nation must be confronted with the faces and names of those who have been victimized.

To be honest I am frequently frustrated with the mainstream media’s lack of coverage of pro-life issues, so I can’t help but think this set of interviews may be historic. Not only because the three of us appeared together, but also because Fox simply covered the issue of survivors at all.

Leaving Rockefeller Plaza after that first day of the broadcast with Fox, I recognized a familiar bounce in my step.

When I testified before Congress for the first time back in 2015, after a long, and strife-filled hearing, I had that same bounce in my step as I burst forth from the Dirksen Building into the blazing September sunshine. That bounce came from being heard, from standing boldly, no matter how much I was shaking on the inside, and from knowing that after that experience, no matter what else happened thereafter, I had made a difference.

With proponents of abortion up to and beyond birth on the prowl, maybe you’re feet are dragging, at least a bit. It’s been forty-six years, and here we are, facing some of the most horrific expansion of abortion ever.

“Evil often triumphs, but never conquers” Fr. Joseph Roux once said. It doesn’t ultimate conquer because people of faith, along with other people of good will, keep the faith.

Please keep picking one foot up after the other. It doesn’t sound glamorous and it isn’t. Battling evil is hard, hard work. But someday, sooner than we think, you’ll feel that bounce in your step returning just like mine has.

The bounce comes not from winning the battle—that is always a day to day proposition–as much as it does from refusing to cede the day to the forces of darkness.

There is a saying about evil whose author is unknown which may tell us a lot about where we are and who we are: “Fairy tales are more than true, not because the evil people exist, but because they can never win.”

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