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APR bill passes North Dakota House and unanimously recommended by Senate Judiciary Committee

by | Mar 14, 2019

By Medora Nagle, Executive Director, North Dakota Right to Life

HB 1336 came out of the Senate Judiciary Committee Wednesday with an unanimous “DO PASS” recommendation !! Thank you to all who emailed the Senators on the Committee.

This bill has already passed in the House.

HB 1336 is the Abortion Pill Reversal Informed Consent bill that would require abortion facilities to provide information to any woman seeking an abortion, on how she can potentially save her baby if she changes her mind after taking the first medication, but not the second.

HB 1336 should be voted on this week on the Senate floor. It is more important than ever to contact your Senators now! Please ask them to vote YES on HB 1336!!

If HB 1336 is passed in the Senate , it will go to Governor Doug Burgum and will hopefully be signed into law!

Thank you!

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