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Democrats chose Milwaukee for 2020 national convention. Party’s Presidential candidates more unswervingly pro-abortion than ever

by | Mar 11, 2019

By Dave Andrusko

The timing is exquisite, in a demented sort of way. Smarting from having lost the 2016 presidential election in the Midwest, the Democratic National Committee announced today that it will hold its presidential convention in Milwaukee July 13-16, 2020.

It will be, as the Washington Examiner observed, the “first time the party has held a national convention in the Midwest outside of Chicago since 1916.” Democrats will do anything, even go to “fly over” country, to try to win.

As for timing, t his decision comes the day after (and I kid you not) the annual Abortion Provider Appreciation Day. Maria Gallagher has written a terrific piece for us you should read.

The decision also comes the day after veteran Washington Post political writer Dan Balz wrote a piece for the Sunday paper under the headline, “Yes, the Republican Party has changed since 2016. You think the Democratic Party hasn’t?”

It came complete with the habitual WaPo put downs of President Trump (loads of them) but also included this:

Democrats seem assured of having the most liberal platform in the party’s history in 2020. Beyond some of the issues such as health care, climate and guaranteed jobs, the progressive grass-roots could push the party’s nominee into other areas of cultural and economic liberalism

“Cultural” liberalism takes multiple forms. For us, the concerns are an absolutely resolute opposition to carving out any space out for conscience on abortion (which has seamlessly bled over into hostility toward people of faith) and an embrace of abortion which has now transcended “mere” support for abortion on demand to include a firm and unyielding resistance to nondiscriminatory treatment of abortion survivors—in a word, infanticide.

In other words, kill them in the womb through all “40 weeks” (to quote Va. State Del. Kathy Tran) and merely make abortion survivors “comfortable” (in the never-to-be-forgotten words of Va. Gov. Ralph Northam).

A “slippery slope” often implies you kind of bungle your way into something. But indifference to infanticide is not only the logical end point of abortion “rights” but it was also carved into the very foundational argument for abortion.

A dead baby was always the point. How you got there was just details. If the kid evades the abortionist’s best efforts, what difference does it make to the objective which is to get them dead?

When Senate Democrats beat back a vote on the Born-Alive Abortion Survivors Protection Act, they bundled up their cold heartedness in a closet-full of faux-sympathy. It was a ruse from A to Z.

However, by the time Democrats get to Milwaukee, there won’t even be a pretense.

While it is true not every pro-abortion Democratic presidential aspirant has announced his or her intentions to run, every Senate Democrat eyeballing the White House in 2021 voted against Born-Alive Abortion Survivors Protection Act. Not a single exception. Infanticide is now party orthodoxy.

To return to the headline to Dan Balz’s story, “Yes, the Republican Party has changed since 2016. You think the Democratic Party hasn’t?,” consider in what sense this is so true for us.

Republicans have been pro-life since Ronald Reagan. Vice President Mike Pence is not exaggerating when he says that Donald Trump is the most pro-life President ever. Republicans have “changed” only in becoming even more dedicated to the unborn.

Democrats have been pro-abortion since Jimmy Carter tap-danced around the issue. They’ve long since abandoned abortion “safe, legal and rare.” Democrats now salute abortion “safe, legal and up to birth and beyond.” They have “changed” on our issue in the sense that their absolutism has played out on abortion and moved on to embrace infanticide.

The differences between the parties could not be more stark.

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