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Everyone deserves a Birthday

by | Mar 8, 2019

By Maria V. Gallagher, Legislative Director, Pennsylvania Pro-Life Federation

As I write this column I am sitting in an office festooned with paper flowers, balloons, and streamers. The decorations came courtesy of our intern, Katy, who decided that I had to celebrate my birthday in style. Her co-horts in this caper were her mother Robin and three-year-old niece, Quinn. I have known the family for years now, and they have filled my life with beauty, grace, and no shortage of good times.

It occurred to me that everyone—no matter their station in life—deserves such a celebration. Everyone should be treated to a birthday filled with lovely surprises, good friends, and thankfulness for another year of life.

But I am reminded this day of the nearly one million children who never got a birthday because of the tragedy of abortion. They were hidden from our view, yet they deserve to be recognized. They were every bit as deserving of life as I am. But an abortionist cut their lives short.

You will not hear their casualty count on the evening news. Little, if any, coverage of the daily death toll exists. And yet, it is all too real for the families who are left to grieve their loss.

Is it possible that I am experiencing some survivor guilt? Perhaps. I wonder why my life was spared. I ponder what special grace allowed my mother to courageously bear me, even when her husband had lost his job and the financial circumstances were dire. I conjecture what her life would have been like without her first-born daughter. I contemplate what my father’s level of grief might have been, if an abortionist had ended my life in the womb.

I realize I am not alone in these thoughts. While thankfully abortion totals are down nationwide, abortion continues to lead to a catastrophic loss of life, thousands of times each day in our country. We are missing mothers and fathers, statesmen and siblings, schoolteachers and scientists because of the scourge of abortion.

And it is a preventable cause of death. In a supportive environment, women are far more likely to choose life for their children. Each day we work to improve circumstances for pregnant women facing great challenges in their lives.

But ultimately it is the legality of abortion that allows it to continue. That is why so many of us dedicate our lives to restoring legal protection for preborn children and their mothers. We know that the law is the ultimate teacher, and when the law strips unborn children of their humanity, it leads to a disrespect for innocent human life from conception to natural death.

In the end, everyone deserves a birthday. I am hopeful that our U.S. Supreme Court will recognize that fact—sooner rather than later.

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