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Lacking votes, New Mexico state Rep. pulls assisted suicide bill

by | Mar 14, 2019

By Dave Andrusko

New Mexico State Rep. Deborah Armstrong

New Mexico State Rep. Deborah Armstrong (D), author of an assisted suicide proposal, emailed Tuesday that she is withdrawing (tabling) HB 90 because “At the time we are just a few votes shy to pass the bill.”

The bill had passed two House committees but aggressive education and lobbying by The New Mexico Coalition Against Assisted Suicide persuaded Armstrong to pull the bill. Sen. Elizabeth Stefanics (D) was the sponsor of a companion bill where the same coalition put its energies and skills into preventing approval.

New Mexico Gov. Michelle Lynn Lujan Grisham had made it clear she would sign the bill, if it reached her desk.

The New Mexico End-of-life Options Act was previously rejected by the legislature in 2017.

As Wesley J. Smith explained, HB 90 “shows the true radical heart of the assisted suicide/euthanasia agenda.” Two mention just two aspects, first, the bill “would allow non-doctors to lethally prescribe.” Second, it “stretches the ‘terminal illness’ definition to the breaking point.”

Frances Ozur Cole, a member of Not Dead Yet, a national disability group, noted in an op-ed that under “the woefully misnamed” bill

Options will become fewer should this bill become law, because the only course of action it facilitates is death. The bill does nothing to expand access to lifesaving treatments or palliative care that relieves the pain and discomfort associated with serious illness. It won’t promote in-home support so that people can continue to live in their own homes regardless of increasing disability that often accompanies illness. This bill just authorizes health care providers to write lethal prescriptions for terminally ill people and grants broad legal immunity to everyone involved in their deaths.

Congratulations to the coalition that once again thwarted the assisted suicide forces in New Mexico

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