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No Pro-Life Doctors Need Apply – – National Maternity Hospital in Holles Street

by | Mar 1, 2019

Editor’s note. This comes from the Irish pro-life group Family & Life

The Rotunda Hospital
Photograph: David Sleator

The National Maternity Hospital in Holles Street has confirmed that two recently advertised consultant posts will be available only to doctors willing to carry out abortions. The hospital advertised posts for consultants in anaesthesia, obstetrics and gynaecology for those “willing to contribute to the provision of termination of pregnancy services.” The ads raise concerns that conscientious objectors to abortion could face discrimination in applying for jobs in maternity hospitals.

The advertisement reads: “The post-holders will provide in-patient, on-call service and out-patient care, along with teaching, administration and management duties, which, as of 2019, includes elective termination of pregnancy services and the post-holders will be expected to contribute to this new service as part of their practice plan.”

Peter Lynas, Northern Ireland director of the Evangelical Alliance, tweeted: “This advert makes pretty clear those with a conscientious objection should not apply – and note the irony of the (hospital) motto, life glorious life. Doubtful it is legal. No doubt it is wrong.”

A spokesman for the National Maternity Hospital defended the conditions included in the ad, saying, “These particular additional posts are being funded specifically from a financial allocation to the hospital from the HSE for the provision of termination of pregnancy services and are for individuals willing to contribute to the provision of these services.”

In December, the HSE [Ireland’s public health service] added €12 million to fund abortion services from January 1 this year as part of the National Service Plan 2019. It announced that an extra 155 staff would be needed for the HSE to arrange abortion services in line with the legislative changes.

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