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R.I. House Judiciary Committee to hear radical pro-abortion bill on Tuesday

by | Mar 4, 2019

By Dave Andrusko

Tuesday is “D” Day for a radical abortion bill which is scheduled to be heard in the Rhode Island House of Representatives’ Judiciary Committee.

As per usual, when the initial version ran into a storm of protest, meaningless “revisions” were trotted out which supporters of the abortion bill insisted met many pro-life objections.

Not so, as Rhode Island Right to Life posted.

Rhode Island Right to Life executive director Barth E. Bracy describing H515 Substitute A as “a political Fig Leaf made of cellophane.” He quoted from a seven-page legal review of the proposed amendment “which demonstrates how it is ‘a gross distortion and blatant misrepresentation’ to claim that this ‘slightly revised’ version of the original bill would merely codify the principles of Roe v Wade.”

Rhode Island Right to Life explained that

H 5125 Substitute A remains an extreme abortion bill, like its counterparts in New York and Virginia. It is a sweeping expansion of the abortion license in Rhode Island, which will prevent meaningful state regulation of the abortion industry, protect 2nd and 3rd trimester abortion methods such as partial- birth abortions, dismemberment abortions, and abortions performed on pain-capable unborn children, and eliminate meaningful restriction and limitation of post-viability abortions.

Referring to House Speaker Nicholas Mattiello, Bracy wrote

“It would be a very sad and despicable legacy for a self-professed pro-life Speaker to be responsible for creating the first-ever statutory right to abortion in Rhode Island state history, particularly one so broad and so extreme.”

On Saturday, The Most Rev. Thomas J. Tobin, Roman Catholic bishop of the Diocese of Providence, tweeted, “I’m hopeful that, in the end, the General Assembly and the Governor will do the right thing and oppose any legislation that provides for late-term abortions, for any reason. It’s an abhorrent practice and Rhode Islanders are clearly and strongly opposed.”

The Providence-Journal’s Katherine Gregg wrote that this came “days after the diocese issued a call to parishioners to come to the State House — during the 40 days of Lent — to protest any movement on an abortion-rights bill.”

Gregg added that Rhode Island state GOP Chairman Brandon Bell said the proposal “repeals a law which makes it a crime to kill unborn children when a crime is committed against the mother and … [allows] cities and towns to cover abortions in the health insurance plans they provide for their employees.”

In a post, Rhode Island Right to Life summarized the facts about the substitute amendment which “is not just a ‘codification of Roe v. Wade,’ but a radical change in Rhode Island abortion law.” The bill

  • Allows for abortions up to birth, even for psychological or emotional reasons
  • Eliminates constitutional restrictions on method of abortion.
  • Repeals constitutional protections for a viable unborn child from criminal assaults on the mother.
  • Requires the State of Rhode Island to pay for abortions in certain cases.
  • Undermines Rhode Island’s ability to regulate abortions facilities by medically recognized standards
  • Waters down parent consent laws.
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