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R.I. House passes radically pro-abortion “Reproductive Privacy Act,” 44-30

by | Mar 8, 2019

By Dave Andrusko

R.I. Rep. Blake Filippi

A tweet from Gayle Goldin, the Senate Deputy Majority Whip, probably says everything from the pro-abortion point of view about last night’s 44-30 House vote in favor of the Reproductive Privacy Act, a radical pro-abortion bill in Rhode Island:

My heart is exploding with joy. Thank you to my House colleagues, especially my east side crew: Reps Blazejewski, Kislak, and Ajello. Onward! #Repro4Ri

From the pro-life viewpoint, there is the statement from Rhode Island Right to Life Committee. It reads in full

Moments ago, a New York and Virginia style abortion expansion bill cleared the Rhode island House of Representatives by a vote of 44-30.

The Rhode Island State Right to Life Committee retracts its endorsements of Democratic state Representatives John “Jay” Edwards, Jon Lombardi, Nicolas Mattiello, Daniel McKiernan, Joseph Skekarchi, and Scott Slater.

We commiserate with the pro-life voters in Cranston, Tiverton, Providence, and Warwick who voted for Edwards, Lombardi, Mattiello, McKiernan, Skekarchi, and Slater, respectively, based in whole or in part on our endorsements.

The Very Reverend Bernard Healey, Director of the Rhode Island Catholic Conference, said

Today’s vote in the House to significantly expand abortion in Rhode Island is a grave disappointment. Supporters of this measure have placed political expediency over the protection of the defenseless unborn. The R.I. Catholic Conference hopes that the result in the Senate will reflect a deeper respect for innocent life than we saw today.

As the four-hour debate proceeded, I kept up to date by reading tweets from Katherine Gregg, who was covering the debate for the Providence-Journal. It was clear from the very beginning that no amendment would pass. Everything was not an attempt to add even a minor speed bump on the road to abortion on demand but was “disrespectful to women.”

Nothing was going to get in the way of a bill that would

  • Allows for abortions up to birth, even for psychological or emotional reasons
  • Eliminates constitutional restrictions on method of abortion.
  • Repeals constitutional protections for a viable unborn child from criminal assaults on the mother.
  • Requires the State of Rhode Island to pay for abortions in certain cases.
  • Undermines Rhode Island’s ability to regulate abortions facilities by medically recognized standards
  • Waters down parent consent laws.

The bill now proceeds to the state Senate.

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