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Update On SB165: Doctor Assisted Suicide

by | Mar 15, 2019

By Nevada Right to Life

A hearing was held on SB165, the assisted suicide bill in the Nevada Legislature. Thank you to so many of you for your comments to the members of the Nevada Senate health and human services committee regarding SB165, the assisted suicide bill.

Thanks also for registering your opinion at the Nevada Legislative website.

There is a long way to go to defeat this bill, but you have made it by far the most commented upon bill in the legislature. There are about out of 3,000 comments on the bill, about 2,500 are against it. If you have yet to register your opposition, please do so as soon as you are able. You don’t have to give an opinion. You can just not that you are opposed.

What happened at the hearing? It will take a lot to defeat the bill, but opponents of SB165 packed the hearing room and largely filled the overflow room. Many of us were wearing “No Candy Coated Suicide” buttons.

Expert witnesses against the bill, included University of Nevada medical professors Dr. Brian Callister, Dr. Peter Fenwick and Dr. Kirk Bronander. Other expert witnesses included DREDF’s (Disability Rights’s Education Defense Fund) Marilyn Goldman, Patient’s Rights Action Fund’s Kristen Hansen, Kathleen Rossi, RN, Rowena Harrison, RN, Dr. Timothy Doyle, MD, and attorney Margaret Dore. Nevada Right to Life’s Melissa Clement and Don Nelson also made comments at the hearing.

While all of these witnesses made excellent point to counter support for the bill, time was limited to just two minutes for each expert witness. An aide mentioned to Don Nelson that the reason was to be fair to all of the people who wanted to testify. Even if that were true, it is an outrageous limitation on expert witnesses given the dramatic change in public policy.

Take Action. How You Can Help And Keep Helping.

Please communicate with the members of the Nevada Senate Health and Human Services committee, register your opinion at the Nevada legislative website, and please tell others to do the same.

  1. Email the members of the committee.

Senator Julia Ratti
Senator Pat Spearman
Senator Joyce Woodhouse
Senator Scott Hammond
Senator Joe Hardy

Put in the Subject Line “Vote NO on SB165, Physician Assisted Suicide.”

1). Register your opposition to this deadly bill at the legislative poll site.

a. Go to

b. Under the heading “Select a Bill and Enter Your Opinion” go to “Select a Bill” and choose SB165.

c. Leave a message “No on SB165” or some other message. (See background below for ideas).

  1. Read and share some of the articles noted at the bottom of this email regarding SB165 that have been in the NV Media.
  2. Visit Facebook pages – Nevada Right to Life and Nevadans Against Assisted Suicide. Like these pages and share the posts on SB165 and Assisted Suicide.

Please see and download the flyer from the Patients Rights Action Fund (PRAF) and distribute at will. For more information on Assisted Suicide, please visit the website

Please spread the word!

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