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We asked, you answered: how would you respond if your daughter were abortion-minded?

by | Mar 8, 2019

Editor’s note. This appeared Tuesday at Secular Pro-life and is reposted with permission.

Prompted by an anonymous suggestion, we asked our facebook followers: “What would you do if your daughter told you she wanted an (elective) abortion?” Much discussion ensued, with many readers sharing deeply personal stories. Here are a few of our favorite responses:

Megan R.: I would remind her of the pain and anguish that MY abortion planted in my life… remind her of her lost sibling… remind her of the shame I carried around for years…remind her of the grave consequences of my actions… and then remind her that her family (including me of course) will help her and support her 100%… that she is loved and adored… and that we will work together to walk through this.

Sarah K.: I think the discussion starts long before a girl finds herself pregnant. I can’t imagine my daughter coming to me and saying this because I know her views. I also have always made it clear that she can come to me, and she will ALWAYS receive support and guidance, not judgment.

Missy W.: I’d make sure she knew she was loved and supported and that abortion didn’t need to be an option. My daughter saw me carry a baby with a fatal anomaly too and was the first to want to hold her baby sister despite knowing she passed away after birth. In our family we live out our pro-life values every day so I hope my daughter and sons keep the same perspective they have now.

Nicole P.: Let her know she comes from a lineage of strong women. Great-great grandmother had 22, great- grandmother had 7, grandmother had 6, and mom had 2 including her. Let her know there is nothing about having this baby too hard for her that we cannot do together. I would try to plant seeds years before this is an option. I will show her the value of life. I would show her how people used to devalue blacks the same way. [Editor’s note: Nicole P. is black.]

Rebecca K.: I would remind her that her birthmother chose to not abort her (she is adopted) and I would adopt her child as well.

Jena Q.: Take away EVERY single hurdle. Remind her that strong women refuse to victimize others. Stand by her side every step of the way. Love her. Call her tribe to stand with her.

Emily S.: My oldest daughter is only 6, but when we start having “the talks” I plan to tell her if she ever gets pregnant before she’s married to come to me and we’ll figure it out together. I don’t ever want my kids to think an abortion is the answer to cover anything up or feel like they have to deal with stuff alone. I think for too long in Christian circles we’ve pushed kids to abortion because we’ve made sex outside of marriage the unforgivable sin.

Kristina F.: I would ask someone I know who has had an abortion to speak with her after speaking to her about where she is at emotionally/mentally with the concept of being pregnant. I’d also support helping raise the child, and adoption. No matter if my child is 15 or 35, adoption will be discussed. There is no shame in that.

Bryna B.: Give her a big hug and try to empathize with how she’s feeling and get her to talk about exactly what she is afraid of or thinking will happen. Then gently try and talk her off that ledge based on where her thoughts are at to address those fears, reminding her of our love and support.

And judging by all the likes it got, far and away the best response was…

Beth H.: I will tell you what I did. I explained to her that she would get whatever support she needed to bring the the child to term and gave her names of 3 couples I knew who would love to raise her. My daughter chose to raise her daughter with us.

[Secular Pro-Life Editor’s note: Beth also included a lovely photo; that’s her daughter and granddaughter at the top of this article!]

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