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‘We saw a person’: Mom releases heartbreaking photos of 13-week miscarried baby

by | Mar 11, 2019

By Peter Baklinski

March 8, 2019 – My heart just broke this morning when scanning through Facebook posts I came across images of a tiny perfectly-formed baby who had died in the womb at about 13 weeks’ gestation and had to be delivered prematurely.

Joy Amadee Osborne / Facebook

The baby’s mom, Joy Amadee Osborne, wrote a beautiful testimony to her son’s life. They named him Mike.

“We were planning to meet you in August but we met you yesterday instead,” she wrote in her March 3 post.

The mom marveled about how perfectly formed her little baby was. And the pictures show exactly what she’s talking about.

“You (a baby boy!) came out of my womb and you were ‘fully formed.’ In miniature, developing detail, your body was all there (hands, legs, feet, toes, fingers, ears, nose holes, mouth, lips, big eye sockets, collar bone, ribs, and many more seen and unseen parts,” she wrote.

“’You were skillfully wrought’” and we couldn’t stop marveling at the craftsmanship of such a tiny human. Measuring in at 3.5 inches long, we witnessed humanity. We saw a person. We saw life. YOU testified of your Creator and so did we. The nurses agreed and marveled as well,” she added.

When reading the mom’s powerful testimony, I could not help but feel sad about all the people who think abortion of babies like Baby Mike is acceptable because they think it’s “women’s healthcare,” or “reproductive rights,” or the “right to choose,” or whatever euphemism they want to call it.

The fact is, Baby Mike’s parents got it right. Their son and every other baby in a mother’s womb is a member of the human family created in God’s image who deserves the rights, respect, and justice owed to every other born member of the human family.

Joy Amadee Osborne / Facebook

I’m horrified to think of the uncountable numbers of babies every year who are the same age and size as Baby Mike who are torn apart limb from limb, or poisoned, or disintegrated by vacuum suction because those who are more powerful have convinced themselves that the weakest among us who may be an inconvenience are disposable.

Baby Mike’s pictures speak to the truth of the humanity of every unborn baby. Baby Mike’s pictures testify to the common humanity that we all share with one another. Baby Mike’s pictures are a call to action for everyone to do more to end the diabolic assault on humanity called abortion.

I just love how the mom ended her letter to her son. “So, we love you, ‘Baby Mike.’ Your life mattered and you lived it well.”

His life mattered, not just because the parents attached value to it, but because Baby Mike was a human being with an eternal soul who was created to be loved and to love. And every baby in the womb is created the same way and should be viewed the same way. Love will one day end abortion. And these parents lived it fully.

Editor’s note. This appeared at LifeSiteNews where you can read Joy Osborne’s full testimony to her unborn child. This is reposted with permission.

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