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Abortion Pill Reversal bill on the way to Oklahoma Governor

by | Apr 17, 2019

Oklahoma would be eighth state to revise informed consent laws

By Dave Andrusko

Oklahoma Governor Kevin Stitt

Laws that require abortionists to inform women undergoing chemical abortions that they may be able to reverse them continue to gain momentum.

SB 614 is on its way to the desk of Oklahoma governor Kevin Stitt, having overwhelmingly passed the House yesterday, 74-24. The approval came six weeks after the Senate approved SB 614 by a lopsided margin of 39-8.

Under the law abortionists would be required to tell an abortion-minded woman at least 72 hours before her scheduled abortion that she might be able to reverse a “medication” abortion.

Over 500 babies have been saved, thanks to what is called the Abortion Pill Reversal. Medication/chemical abortions are a two-stage, two drug procedure. Should a woman change her mind after taking the first drug (mifepristone) but not the second drug (misoprostol), the APR protocol calls for flooding her system with progesterone to neutralize the impact of the first abortifacient drug.

According to the Daily Oklahoman

Per the bill, the signs must include language saying a medically induced abortion may be reversed, include the phone number for a 24-hour Abortion Pill Reversal hotline and multiple websites that contain information about the development of an unborn child.

State Rep. Mark Lepak, R-Claremore said simply, “You’re giving a woman a second chance to make a choice.

Currently seven (7) states have enacted laws requiring this information to be provided.

Arizona; Arkansas; South Dakota; Utah; Idaho; North Dakota; and Kentucky.

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