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Abortion tears the fabric of America asunder

by | Apr 15, 2019

By Maria V. Gallagher, Legislative Director, Pennsylvania Pro-Life Federation

Patriots’ Day should have a special place in the hearts of all Americans. The holiday honors those who bravely fought for independence during the Battles of Lexington and Concord, the initial military battles of the Revolutionary War.

The freedom our forefathers fought for is on the line as never before. Perhaps one of the greatest manifestations of that is the threat posed by Big Abortion.

More than 60 million of our fellow citizens have perished since 1973 because of the legalization of abortion. Their fundamental freedom—the freedom to live—has been outrageously and tragically denied. Think of all the patriots we have lost because of the abominable U.S. Supreme Court ruling known as Roe v. Wade. Certainly, our founding fathers—and mothers—never envisioned the fabric of American being torn asunder by something as unthinkable as legalized abortion.

I think too of the mothers who have been denied the freedom to give birth to their babies. These are the women who are coerced into abortion by boyfriends, husbands, parents, or even grandparents. Their freedom has not been respected, their progeny forced to die because of someone else’s self-serving agenda.

And I also think of fathers who have been denied the freedom to protect their offspring from harm. These are the Dads who desperately wanted their boys and girls to have a chance at life—but that chance was snuffed out by an abortionist’s grisly tools. I have looked into the eyes of these men and have seen first-hand the searing pain of their grief.

One of those is Jason Jones, a military veteran who became a movie producer. One of the men behind the groundbreaking movie Bella, he lost his first child when his girlfriend’s parents forced her to have an unwanted abortion.

Now, the first thing Jason thinks of each morning…and his last thought at night…is how to end legal abortion.

He…and all those others across the country who willingly sacrifice on behalf of preborn babies and their mothers and fathers…are true patriots and deserving of praise on this day.

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