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Abortionist travels to Texas, commits 50 abortions in 60 hours

by | Apr 15, 2019

By Texas Right to Life

Because Texas is viewed as a strongly Pro-Life state, some Pro-Lifers in the Lone Star State are tempted to rest on their laurels. However, this complacency is unacceptable in the face of the carnage that occurs each year. In 2016, the latest year for which data are available, 54,507 preborn babies lost their lives in legal abortions in Texas.

How does the abortion industry succeed in ending so many vulnerable and defenseless lives in our state? Taking a look at what abortionists in Texas say about their work sheds a light on how the abortion industry operates and what Texans can do to advance Pro-Life protections for our tiniest Texans.

There are two sides of the abortion industry: the euphemisms about what abortion is and how they are committed and the reality. Writing for Color Lines, abortionist Marva Sadler offers many euphemisms, claiming as an abortionist, “I have been driven by my faith.”

This is the public face of abortionists that the anti-Life media loves. Abortionists like Willie Parker get fawning praise for the bizarre claim that the Christian faith compels them to violently end the lives of preborn babies.

According to Texas abortionist Sadler, her faith-based commitment to destroying human lives extends to all abortionists. She says of abortionists, “We’re driven by our faith—whatever our belief system or spiritual practice—and an unwavering commitment to provide quality, compassionate abortion care.”

Sadler offers nothing but platitudes about how “compassionate” and “loving” abortions are. Most people recognize that brutally ripping apart a living child with a beating heart is barbaric, not compassionate.

Additionally, the abortion industry is founded on a predatory business model that cannot be described as loving and compassionate from anyone’s perspective.

An example of this fact is the harrowing day-in-the-life of a traveling abortionist in Texas. While Sadler’s description is abstract and full of euphemisms, the day-in-the-life gives us a look at the reality on the ground, and the reality is grim.

The Los Angeles Times featured a profile of one of the abortionists, as Sadler claims, “driven by [her]faith,” to end the lives of preborn babies. The unidentified abortionist travels from California to Texas once a month to commit as many as 50 abortions in a mere 60 hour stay in Dallas.

According to the Times, “She will have to run in the hallways to keep up with her packed schedule.” Nothing says “compassionate” care like sprinting between mothers packed onto a schedule to end their children’s lives through elective abortion.

What the anonymous abortionist does during her jam-packed day shows how far Texas has to go to legally protecting all human lives and establishing a Culture of Life in our state. Because of Pro-Life Texas laws, the abortionist is required to inform mothers of their child’s development and the risks associated with abortion.

According to the Times, “The doctor then recites information required by Texas law, rattling it off like the end of a TV commercial for a prescription drug. ‘The other thing the state of Texas does is make me read this crazy piece of paper to you,’ she says.” The Times adds, “In person, she tells patients the opposite — that abortion does not cause infertility or breast cancer.”

Far from being some “crazy piece of paper,” the information abortionists are required to share with women seeking elective abortion in Texas is the Woman’s Right to Know booklet, which offers scientifically accurate information about children’s prenatal development and the documented risks associated with abortion.

The abortionist also deceives patients when she says the baby is “a clump of cells” at early stages of pregnancy. If a child in the womb were merely a “clump of cells,” an abortion, the violent destruction of a child with a beating heart, would not be necessary.

The fact that abortion takes the life of a preborn child is undeniable. The abortionist tacitly acknowledges this, as she “has found that women often back out of the procedure when they learn there are two embryos, a discovery that transforms the pregnancy from an ‘it’ to a ‘they.’” Whether or not the mother is carrying twins, the babies in the womb are not “it”; each baby is a he or she, a unique and irreplaceable human being.

Following the first day during which 80 ultrasounds were scheduled, the abortionist returns to the Dallas abortion facility the following day to commit 50 abortions.

The reason this California abortionist travels to Texas is telling.

According to the Times, in the region of California where she lives, “there are so many physicians who want to do abortions that many can’t find work in the region.”

Texans do not want anti-Life California abortionists bringing their lies to our state. In order to advance Pro-Life protections, Texans need to demand more life-saving legislation and work in their communities to truly advance a truly compassionate culture, one that recognizes the dignity and worth of every mother and every child.

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