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ACTION ALERT: Kansas Governor Kelly Vetoed SB 67, Abortion Pill Reversal Notification.

by | Apr 30, 2019

State legislators can override the veto BUT they need to hear from you ASAP!

Despite passing both the Kansas House and Senate with strong bi-partisan majorities, SB 67 was vetoed by Gov. Kelly on Monday, April 22.

The good news is when legislators return from break they can vote to override the veto! But, we need to send a message to the house and senate to vote “YES!” on override to pass Abortion Pill Reversal (APR) Notification into law!

You can call the legislative line at 800-432-3924 and have them send a message to your representative and senator. Or you can click the button below to send a pre-written message to them. The system will find your legislators according to your address. (If no name comes up it means your representative and/or senator voted against SB 67.)

Contact Your Legislators

SB 67 will inform women considering non-surgical, ‘medication’ abortion that such procedures can be reversed by applying a protocol used for decades (outside the abortion context) to maintain pregnancies threatened by miscarriage. The reversal must be sought within a few days of ingesting the first series of abortion pills at the abortion facility and before ingesting the second set of pills at home.

A recent study shows APR is safe for mother and child and that nearly 60% who undertake the reversal pill protocol carry the baby to term, with no higher occurrence of birth defects or developmental problems than is experienced by babies in normal births.

Over 500 babies have been born using the APR protocol, and the rate of women using this procedure is rapidly rising,

Seven states have already enacted Abortion Pill Reversal Notification laws and Congress is now considering the legislation, called ‘The Second Chance at Life Act.

For more information on APR, go to the KFL Youtube.

If you know someone (or know someone who may know someone) who needs this vital APR service, please share the National Abortion Pill Reversal hotline, 877-558-0333

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