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Despite pro-abortion pressure, college students have their babies and succeed

by | Apr 10, 2019

By Sarah Terzo

An article in The American Feminist talked about how difficult it is for pregnant college students to have their babies because they get so much pressure to abort, and because they are often made to feel they must choose between their babies and their education. The article says:

“Student parents on campuses across the country often find that practical resources and emotional support are missing.”

The article quotes student parent Amanda Sykes:

“I was told repeatedly that I would never be able to be both a mother and a student; I would have to choose….

“Classmates, certain acquaintances, and even some perfect strangers told me that I would regret having my son because he would ruin my life. They were wrong. My son, and now my child due in February, have made me more motivated than ever to be a success in all things.”

Another student, identified only as Levesque, talked about the pressure she got from family to abort her child:

“They said I would end up as trailer trash and on welfare because I couldn’t possibly do it all. I wanted to get an abortion and my family wanted me to [get an abortion] too. I even had an appointment, but my boyfriend spent hours on the phone trying to talk me out of it. If he had encouraged me to get an abortion, too, I would have done it….

My family, immediate and extended, save for only a few individuals, heavily pushed abortion, telling me that I was a disappointment and I had so much potential that I was wasting. I graduated this past May at age 23 with a BA in sociology, magna cum laude, and the highest GPA in the department. I am now the first individual on that pro-abortion side of my family to graduate from college.”

These two stories show that, with support, college students can have their children and still graduate. They also highlight the immense pressure that college students can be under to abort their babies.

Chaunie Brusie, “Good News or Bad News? Pregnancy and Parenting Resources Make a Difference” The American Feminist Winter 2011/2012.

Editor’s note. This appeared at Clinic Quotes and is reposted with permission.

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