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“Doctors do not know everything”: Mom with cancer rejects advice to abort her baby

by | Apr 22, 2019

By Dave Andrusko

Kudos to Louise Bevan for an outstanding story about the very courageous Sarah Wickline Hull inspired by Hull’s terrific Facebook post.

Hull cut right to the chase. Her first sentence was

People are talking about the medical necessity of abortion to save the mother’s life. I was one of those mothers.

Almost eleven years ago, 20 weeks pregnant after years fighting infertility, Hull tells us she was “diagnosed with an aggressive cancer that was cutting off my airway.”

She writes on Facebook, “I will never forget when the first doctor, an oncologist, mentioned abortion. We had gone thru years of infertility to get pregnant. I knew I would rather die and give birth.”

Alas, she received no better advice or encouragement when the next doctor she went to “listed all of the problems the baby would have if I did not terminate.”

The moment of truth: “I stood my ground and refused.”

The doctor’s response is nothing short of chilling:

He said, “That is ok. The baby will probably spontaneously abort anyway.”

What happened next is a testimony to her determination:

I searched and found good doctors that supported me, and I gave birth to a healthy baby at 34 weeks.

Next month Hull will be celebrating 10 years cancer free. “I have a healthy, beautiful, bright, precious 10 year old daughter who is a living reminder that doctors do not know everything.”

And the response to her original Facebook post back in January has been remarkable, Bevan reported:

Since her story was shared on Facebook, the thought-provoking post has received an overwhelming response, garnering over 850,000 likes and having been shared over 300,000 times.

One social media user wrote, “Your testimony is truly inspiring Sarah!”

While another wrote: “Thank you for your faithfulness, trust, and courage! I marvel at how God speaks to us through others. Your tender story is a powerful witness to the light that drives out darkness.”

“It’s hard to find the words that truly describe how amazing you are Sarah. The faith you had was unwavering, and you knew that when the Doctors did not. I love you,” another chimed in.

In response, Bevan wrote,

“Please know that I will be praying for all of you,” Sarah posted, after being inundated with messages from readers who sympathized with her experience or shared similar stories of their own.

Hull’s story is powerful but only one example of courage. Back in February, Christian News wrote

A number of mothers nationwide have shared their personal stories of refusing doctor recommendations to abort, giving others hope and encouragement in the midst of much talk about the abortion “rights” bill signed into law in New York on the 46th year of Roe v. Wade.

Do take five minutes out and read Heather Clark’s wonderfully encouraging story.

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