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Pro-abort scrape the bottom of the barrel to try to discredit “Unplanned”

by | Apr 8, 2019

By Dave Andrusko

Is anyone—and I do mean anyone—surprised that a prominent pro-abortion Texas publication would serve as the only “source” for the claim that Abby Johnson really did not see an ultrasound-guided abortion, which was the pivotal point in turning a Planned Parenthood “Employee of the Year” into a staunch pro-lifer?

Of course not. The Texas Monthly is so in the tank for abortion that its contents resemble nothing so much as a Planned Parenthood in-house publication.

It was not enough for abortion sympathies to reach into their thesaurus for words to diminish and trivialize Abby Johnson’s 2011 Unplanned book now that it has been turned into the movie of the same name. They have to insist that the abortion, which took place in 2009, never took place. It’s all in Johnson’s imagination.

Well Johnson took to the pages of the Federalist to debunk the debunkers.

Please read, “Yes, I Really Did See An Ultrasound-Guided Abortion That Made Me Pro-Life” for yourself. Here are just a couple of points to remember.

“The Texas Monthly published a story just a few months after I left Planned Parenthood entitled ‘The Convert,’” she wrote. “It’s a biased article from a liberal publication that has been used as the sole source for every other abortion-supporting website to try and debunk my story, most of them outright claiming I never witnessed the ultrasound-guided abortion or that it simply never happened.”

Johnson goes on to carefully explain why the article’s “sourcing” is ridiculous on its face. The basis for the allegation was “not from an official record from the Texas Department of Health” but rather from “a sheet of paper from Planned Parenthood.”

A key counter from Johnson deals with timing:

The document Planned Parenthood sent the Texas Monthly reporter also shows that it was completed on September 30, 2009. But I didn’t resign as clinic director until October 6, 2009, so this supposed “proof” of a document would have been filled out by me. If I had this big scheme to talk about an abortion that never took place, don’t you think that I would have made sure that this form had a 13-week abortion included? However, I had never seen a form like this in my life, because it didn’t exist. The only form that I was aware of was the Induced Abortion Form that is an official Texas Department of Health document.

It’s important that you read Mrs. Johnson’s rebuttal in its entirely. And if you haven’t seen Unplanned yet (or plan, as I do, to see it a second time), you can find out where it is showing locally by going to

Meanwhile, Unplanned continues to do well at the box office. Under the headline, “A strong top 10 second-week finish with another $3.2 million in box office takings,” we read

Unfazed by a Twitter ban, the Pro-Life movie, Unplanned remains the highest grossing indie film in wide release after expanding to 1,500 screens in its second week.

Unplanned continued to surprise industry experts, with a strong box office run in its second week for an estimated eighth place finish. The film earned an estimated $3.2 million after expanding to 1,515 screens.

The abortion-themed biopic about Abby Johnson, a former Planned Parenthood clinic director-turned-pro-life advocate, beat industry predictions again with a per screen average of $2,111. Audience support continues to be strong, with word of mouth on social media providing support for the film as well as an unusual A+ rating from CinemaScore.

Distributor Pure Flix expanded Unplanned’s footprint this [past] weekend to an additional 500 screens, becoming the studio’s second-highest box office success after ‘God’s Not Dead 2’. It was released nationally on 1,000 screens on March 29.

If you haven’t seen Unplanned yet (or, as I do, plan to see it a second time), go to to find a theatre near you.

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