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Pro-Life “Love Life Amendment” to Louisiana Constitution Introduced!

by | Apr 8, 2019

Petitions Needed by April 23!

By Benjamin Clapper, Louisiana Right to Life

Big news! Louisiana State Rep. Katrina Jackson has introduced the Love Life Amendment to the Louisiana Constitution! Watch the one-minute video announcing the effort.

The Louisiana Legislature begins its session today. We will need to pass the amendment by a 2/3 margin in BOTH the Senate and House before it goes on the ballot this fall.

Click here to sign our petition asking your State Senator and Representative to vote YES to the Love Life Amendment (HB 425)! We will deliver the petitions on April 23, so please act fast!

Sign The Petition To Your Legislators!

The Love Life Amendment is the final piece of the puzzle to a future without abortion in Louisiana once Roe v. Wade is overturned. In 12 other states, such as Florida, Iowa, and Tennessee, their Supreme Courts have found a right to abortion in their State Constitution. We have to make sure this will never happen here. The Love Life Amendment ensures the right to abortion cannot be found in our constitution.

If we pass the amendment through the Legislature, it will go on the ballot this fall. Then, we need registered voters like you to approve the amendment by a majority vote.

We expect pro-abortion groups to fight hard against us to stop this amendment. We are going to need every pro-life person in Louisiana to help pass this amendment!

Visit our new website to sign the petition, learn more, volunteer, and make a contribution to the new effort. Spread the word!

For a Pro-Life Louisiana!

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