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Wendy Davis mulls challenge to one of Texas’s strongest Pro-Life congressmen

by | Apr 17, 2019

By Texas Right to Life

Failed gubernatorial candidate and “Abortion Queen” Wendy Davis announced plans to run against Pro-Life stalwart U.S. Congressman Chip Roy. There is no coincidence that Davis’s announcement came on a podcast run by the progressive abortion mob aiming to overtake Texas.

Before her failed bid for governor in 2014, Davis rose to national notoriety by filibustering a life-saving bill in the Texas Senate to protect pain-capable preborn babies from the violence of abortion. The bill eventually passed and stands as law today. Davis has used her infamous filibuster to continually ingratiate herself with the most radical abortion groups in the country.

On the recent podcast, Davis said, “I’m looking very seriously at Congressional District 21,” which is currently represented by Pro-Life champion Chip Roy of Austin. Wendy Davis made a disgraced exit from statewide politics in Texas following a crushing defeat. So far, all she has done is fundraise for the abortion industry and anti-Life media favorite. Extreme abortion activists in the entertainment industry have tried to make both a television show and full-length movie about Davis’s stand for the legal killing of preborn babies who feel pain, but the projects have yet to see traction.

Many of the abortion mob assumed Davis would take her abortion extremism into another political sphere. When her crony, former Planned Parenthood boss Cecile Richards, announced she would be retiring, insiders wondered if Davis would take the helm of America’s largest abortion business. Perhaps at a time when Planned Parenthood is trying desperately to self-promote as a “healthcare” organization, having Davis, whose name is synonymous with abortion, as president would be bad marketing.

In recent months, many have speculated that Davis would run against Pro-Life Texas Senator Jon Cornyn (R-Austin). Davis tried to spin her decision not to run against Cornyn as altruism, but more than likely she realized that her abortion extremism would not win votes in the Senate race. Davis claimed that she demurred from running to give her “dear friend” Joaquin Castro the opportunity. Rather, after Robert “Beto” O’Rourke’s loss to Pro-Life Senator Ted Cruz (R-Houston), Davis might have recognized that winning a Senate seat in Texas requires Pro-Life commitment.

Texas House District 21, which Davis now has in her crosshairs, is the target of powerful anti-Life Democrat forces at the national level. The abortion mob has been trying for years to turn strongly Pro-Life districts in Texas blue, and they think they have a chance in 2020. District 21 includes parts of Austin, San Antonio and the Hill Country.

Commenting on her chances of defeating Pro-Life Congressman Chip Roy, Davis said, “Can we do it for 2020? I want to make sure that we have the ability to win it, and I believe we do. And, I want to believe I’m the right person to help us do that.” Davis’s assurance that she stands a chance of taking Congressman Roy’s seat should be a wake-up call to all Pro-Life Texans about what is at stake in the 2020 election.

Congressman Roy, who previously served as chief of staff for Pro-Life Champion Senator Ted Cruz and is an accomplished attorney, has strong support, but he faces significant outside money and influence if Davis does indeed decide to run. Texas Right to Life PAC Director Luke Bowen said:

Not only is Chip Roy a staunch, principled defender of Life, but his political experience allowed him to immediately become a leader upon entering the fray in Washington, even as a freshman legislator. If Wendy Davis wants to run for Congress, there’s no better opponent – philosophically and energetically – for her to face.

Davis’s possible run will gain national attention. Radical abortion supporters would like nothing better than the pink-sneakered “Abortion Queen” to lace up again. We cannot allow her to win, because a victory for Davis is a victory for a radical abortion agenda that threatens the most vulnerable.

Radical anti-Life Democrats flipped TWO congressional seats last year and more than a dozen districts in the state Legislature. From now until November 3, 2020, Wendy Davis and the anti-Life mob will attack your community with a new, bloodthirsty drive.

NOW is the time to DEFEAT WENDY. Don’t wait until 2020 when the Democrats will have raised and spent hundreds of millions against Pro-Life champions.

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