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Wis. Gov vows to veto bill to protect abortion survivors

by | Apr 23, 2019

By Dave Andrusko

Wisconsin pro-abortion Gov. Tony Evers

Say this for Democrats, they’re sticking together. National and State Democrats are, for all practical purposes, monolithically opposed to equal treatment for born-alive survivors of abortion.

Wisconsin pro-abortion Gov. Tony Evers added his voice to the anti-life choir on Monday. According to Molly Beck of the Milwaukee Journal-Sentinel, Evers said he will not sign a bill that is on a fast track headed his way, because (guess what?) it’s not needed.

It is, says Republicans, and asks no more than equal care for abortion survivors.

Beck reports

The bill, co-authored and sponsored by Republican leaders of both houses, requires health care providers present during a failed abortion attempt “to exercise the same degree of professional skill, care, and diligence to preserve the life and health of the child as a reasonably diligent and conscientious health care provider would render to any other child born alive.”

To be clear, no more, no less, just equal. Beck also reported that

Senate President Roger Roth, the bill’s co-author, said Evers’ decision not to sign the bill before a public hearing shows “he has gone farther to the extreme than I imagined.”

“My bill simply removes any ambiguity that a health care provider must care for the life and health of a baby. How could anyone be against that?” he said.

As Beck points out, and as NRL News Today reported, Evers’ threat comes within a week of pro-abortion North Carolina Gov. Roy Cooper vetoing Senate Bill 359 two days after it reached his desk.

During floor debate in the North Carolina House, Joyce Krawiec, the bill’s sponsor, said, “This has nothing to do with limiting abortion in any way.” SB 359 “changes nothing except how that born-alive infant is treated.”

Likewise in Wisconsin.

“We wanted to reaffirm the fact that babies that survive abortions have the right to anything any other living, breathing individual in the state does,” Assembly Majority Leader Jim Steineke said. “And doctors have the responsibility to care for that child as they would for any other person who was living and breathing.”

Evers’s rationalization/justification for opposing equal treatment for abortion survivors is “because of existing protections and criminal penalties in state law” and because this (and other pro-life bills introduced) are “to create division.”

The other most common excuse (besides insisting there are no abortion survivors) is to say that the 2002 Born-Alive Infants Protection Act already protects babies who thwart the abortionist’s best efforts to kill them.

But that canard has been disposed during the debate over the congressional Born-Alive Abortion Survivors Protection Act. As NRLC explained in a letter to Congress, since passage of BAIPA

Evidence have multiplied that some abortion providers do not regard babies born alive during abortions as persons, and do not provide them with the types of care that would be provided to premature infants who are born spontaneously. In some cases, such born-alive infants are even subjected to overt acts of deadly violence. In 2013, Dr. Kermit Gosnell of Philadelphia was convicted under state law of multiple homicides of such born-alive infants, but such a prosecution and conviction is uncommon. In some jurisdictions, local authorities seem reluctant to investigate reports of infants born alive during abortions, or to bring appropriate indictments even in cases in which the publicly reported evidence of gross neglect or overt lethal acts seems strong.

Public concern was further heightened by a series of hidden- videos released by the Center for Medical Progress, in which various persons described events and practices within certain abortion clinics that, at the very least, raise questions about whether it is generally recognized among abortion-clinic personnel that a born-alive baby is a legal “person,” whether before or after “viability.” Other passages raise similar questions regarding some persons who operate firms that obtain and sell baby body parts, obtained from abortion clinics.

Democrats, already in the pocket of the abortion lobby, have taken a further step into the abyss: supporting the purposeful neglect of abortion survivors.

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