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1,000+ pro-lifers rally against Pro-Abortion Bullying

by | May 13, 2019

By Maria V. Gallagher, Legislative Director, Pennsylvania Pro-Life Federation

More than a thousand people crowded a Philadelphia street Friday in a show of solidarity against pro-abortion bullying. The event was incredibly inspiring, and showed the determination and commitment of pro-lifers not only in the City of Brotherly Love, but across the U.S. One woman and her baby came all the way from Georgia to participate in the massive, peaceful demonstration.

The crowds had come to call for the resignation of state Rep. Brian Sims (D-Philadelphia). Sims gained national notoriety when videotaped himself harassing an older woman. Soon after, it was learned that Sims had previously harangued three teenage girls outside a Philadelphia Planned Parenthood.

Later he issued a video in which he defended the “justice” of his behavior before grudgingly concluding at the very end he would “do better” in the future, Sims has yet to apologize personally to the woman and the girls he berated without cause.

Sims also issued a $100 bounty to anyone who would release the names and addresses of his bullying victims.

In addition to his job as a state Representative, Sims is a volunteer escort for the Locust Street Planned Parenthood. The abortion facility has failed 13 out of 23 health and safety inspections. It may be quite simply the largest and most dangerous abortion center in Pennsylvania, based on its shoddy public safety record.

The rally attracted national pro-life leaders, including Abby Johnson, whose powerful story was the basis of the movie “Unplanned.” She said, “It is the antithesis of feminism to look a woman in the face and tell her you’re not strong enough to be a mother.” As for goals, Johnson—who is currently 37 weeks pregnant–said, “Our goal is to make abortion unthinkable.”

People across the U.S. have been flooding the Pennsylvania Pro-Life Federation with emails and calls, asking what they can do in response to Sims’ bullying of pro-lifers. A three-point action plan can be found on the PA Pro-Life website at

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