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Abortion Advocates Co-Opt Mother’s Day to Celebrate

by | May 14, 2019


By Rebecca Downs

Planned Parenthood President
Dr. Leana Wen

If you thought it was sick how abortion advocates celebrated Valentine’s Day, wait until you see how they marked Mother’s Day.

The day can be used to celebrate many kinds of mothers: birth mothers, adoptive mothers, foster mothers, godmothers, mother-figures. What it should not be used to celebrate is abortion.

And yet that’s exactly what abortion advocates did.

Planned Parenthood clearly misses the idea that women who lose their pre-born children, even to abortion, are, indeed, still mothers. But nice try with this tweet using the day to make it about women who choose not to be mothers. Being a mother is about our children, not about “our rights” when those “rights” and “do[ing] what they want with their own body” includes aborting another human being.

Planned Parenthood President Dr. Leana Wen tweeted a video featuring her 20 month old son, Eli, and a message to “make our health and well-being a priority.” This would not include abortion, since abortion isn’t healthcare and can actually psychologically and physically harm women.

Planned Parenthood also fundraised off Mother’s Day, beginning their “Why we’re celebrating Mother’s Day” email with the quote, “Without Planned Parenthood, I wouldn’t be a mother.” And yet how many mothers mourn children because of Planned Parenthood?

NARAL Pro-Choice America tweeted about this, linking to a article featuring “brave” women who have had abortions.

What is even worse is abortion advocates using #ParentsHaveAbortions for Mother’s Day – saying “parents” instead of “mothers” is their way of including trans men.

We Testify was all over this ugly trend as well, even featuring a story of a mother who claimed she was “able to love and myself and my children so much more than I ever imagined.” In a way, the hashtag sets living children against their aborted siblings by seeking to normalize or excuse abortions performed on those mothers who already have children.

Another said she was “afforded… the experience and opportunity to parent on my own terms, building a relationship with my daughter based on truth and transparency.” She really couldn’t do that without aborting her daughter’s sibling?

NARAL also tried to appeal to “those struggling with infertility or pregnancy loss.” Something tells me these abortion groups aren’t thinking of children lost to abortion, or women who could suffer from infertility as a result of their abortions.

As NARAL mentions, there are those who have “a difficult and frustrating day” on Mother’s Day. And to too many it’s because of the horrors of abortion.

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