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Editor slammed with thousands of tweets after questioning pro-lifers’ support for moms in need

by | May 29, 2019

By Lisa Bourne

May 28, 2019 – An online news service editor who challenged pro-life supporters earlier this month on Twitter to show how they’ve “personally” helped mothers in need triggered a tsunami of replies that debunk the myth that pro-lifers only care about the unborn.

Sarah Tuttle-Singer, blogger and social media editor for The Times of Israel, was reacting to the Alabama Human Life Protection Act signed May 15.

Sarah Tuttle-Singer

The law made abortion a felony in most instances in the state, prompted outrage from pro-abortion quarters, and also drew reactions of justification for abortion based on the falsehood that pro-life advocates don’t support life when it comes to other social issues.

Tuttle-Singer tweeted:

Dear Pro-Life friends: what have you personally done to support lower income single mothers?

I’ll wait:

She fixed the spacing and punctuated her tweet to emphasize her question and attempt to illustrate that pro-life advocates would have no answer, because presumably they have no answer.

Some 13,000 Twitter users, clergy and lay people, pro-life individuals, groups and organizations swamped her feed with answers, mostly with examples of financial and material donations, programs established and volunteer-run, and adoption not just of babies but also moms in crisis pregnancy.

“We ‘adopted’ a young mother coming out of homelessness and have done all we can to provide her the support she needs to raise her two children,” responded one Twitter user. “She calls us mom and dad and her kids see us as grandparents.”

“Spent $40K to adopt a little girl with a chronic liver disease that was left on the doorstep of an orphanage at 2 days old,” said another. “We were helped with $500K lifesaving organ transplant. We are grateful for the birth mom choosing life. Our daughter is worth it! #donatelife.”

“Started an organization that (among other things) supports hundreds of single mothers in developing nations as well as the US,” tweeted a third user, and a fourth responded simply, “Raised my grandson.”

“Volunteer at crisis pregnancy centers,” a Catholic priest said. “My parish runs a food pantry for low-income people and families.”

A Christian minister replied, “The church I Pastor financially and materially supports a crisis Pregnancy Center in town.”

Pro-life group Created Equal tweeted, “Drive them to appointments, threw a baby shower, work with foster and adoptive families, send gifts to new mothers, give resources to homeless women, our staff foster and adopt and much more! All while referring countless mothers to hundreds of ministries more focused on this.”

“I’ve adopted a special needs child,” said another pro-life Twitter user, “in the works to foster, give to crisis pregnancy centers, volunteer in community activities and care for women and families in my community.”

The replies and examples continued on, illustrating the myriad ways that pro-life advocates support both children and their mothers.

Tuttle-Singer, as a post-abortive mother, may have been in a position to benefit most from the overwhelming response from pro-lifers to her tweet, Townhall reported.

She had said in a 2012 interview with NPR that the abortion she had in college wasn’t painful for her at the time, but that changed after she conceived her daughter later.

“It became incredibly painful later on,” Tuttle-Singer said, “when I was pregnant with my daughter seven years later.”

She added, “And I had a hard time reconciling a previous decision with the excitement of seeing this tiny blip on an ultrasound monitor and saying wow, that’s a baby; that’s life.”

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Editor’s note. This appeared at LifeSiteNews and is reposted with permission.

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