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Grassroots America: You May Never Know the Difference You Are Making

by | May 6, 2019

By Jacki Ragan, Director, State Organizational Development Department, National Right to Life

Every year, Arkansas Right to Life hosts a Chapter Appreciation Luncheon and it is one of my favorite things to attend. I had the honor of attending this event April 27.

The chapters arrive and have some time to visit with other chapters, peruse the latest in pro-life materials and prepare to give a report on their chapter’s activities. There are door prizes given throughout the event and each chapter gets to pick an item or two from the special “Chapter Table” with items that every chapter needs.

Having been able to attend a dozen or more of these gatherings, I notice each time that the person giving the report generally begins with, “It was a busy year and our chapter hasn’t been able to do as much as we would like…” and then proceed to list activity after activity after activity that they have done, many of them branching out into the county next to them that might not have a chapter or an active chapter.

Listening to the reports and activities of these chapters is one of the most inspiring things I get to do. I get motivated, get new ideas, get inspired, and just completely rejuvenated.

These are the folks that fuel the right to life movement, yesterday, today, and tomorrow. They provide the grassroots activities that are necessary to complete every single thing we accomplish as a movement. These are the leaders of the movement and the movers and shakers who know how to get things done…and you will never meet a more humble group of people.

Or a more necessary group of people.

One of the seriously bright spots in last Saturday’s Chapter Appreciation Luncheon was 4 brand new counties stretching across 6 counties and 2 more very interested in becoming a chapter.

2019 has seen a groundswell of chapter activity and the resurgence of many new chapters, regulated chapters, of people who have been called to service, many of whom have been called back to service all across the United States. And it is not slowing down.

With the passage of abortion until birth law in New York, and the cheering and high fiving that they did, it seriously made much of America sick to their stomachs. And so they called, and came in droves to find out what they could do to help.

We have dozens of new chapters in the works, have sent out hundreds of packets, and every single person who contacts us receives a personal call back from our State Organizational Development Department to see how we can help them help the babies.

Everyone feels overwhelmed sometimes and I am certainly no exception to that. But now is truly the time to step up, and get the chapter going, and get involved and begin (or start again) to make a real difference in saving lives. How many people ever get that opportunity?

What a honor to be called. How can we help you? Think about it and then call or email and someone will get back to you.

Thank you for being a part of one of the greatest teams ever — the chapters and state affiliates of National Right to Life.

Please, come and join us.

Call (202) 626-8809 or email us at

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