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Kansas Senate votes to override veto of Abortion Pill Reversal Information bill; House falls one vote short

by | May 1, 2019

House will try again

By Dave Andrusko

In an incredibly close set of votes, the Kansas Senate had exactly enough votes to override Gov. Laura Kelly’s veto of the “Abortion Pill Reversal Information Act” while the Kansas House fell one vote short.

Kansas requires 2/3rds to override a gubernatorial veto. The Senate vote was 27-13.

By contrast the vote was 82-43 in the House with 84 votes being the threshold. One prolife Representative intentionally switched his vote from favoring the override to supporting the veto. By being on the prevailing side, he is allowed to make a motion to reconsider the override vote within 24 hours.

The Kansas City Star’s Jonathan Shorman reported tonight that House Republicans intended to try again.

As Kansans for Life explained in its Action Alert, over 500 babies have been saved using the APR protocol.

SB 67 will inform women considering non-surgical, ‘medication’ abortion that such procedures can be reversed by applying a protocol used for decades (outside the abortion context) to maintain pregnancies threatened by miscarriage. The reversal must be sought within a few days of ingesting the first series of abortion pills at the abortion facility and before ingesting the second set of pills at home.

A recent study shows APR is safe for mother and child and that nearly 60% who undertake the reversal pill protocol carry the baby to term, with no higher occurrence of birth defects or developmental problems than is experienced by babies in normal births.

Eight states have passed APR legislation–Arizona, Arkansas, South Dakota, Utah, Idaho, North Dakota, Kentucky, Oklahoma—to assure that women know that if they have second thoughts prior to taking the second set of pills, they have a solid chance of saving their babies.

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