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Only Fox News Covers Dem State Rep Harassing Pro-Life Protesters

by | May 9, 2019

By Ryan Foley

Tucker Carlson Tonight screen grab

As NewsBusters has previously reported, the networks ignored the outrageous story about Pennsylvania State Rep. Brian Sims harassing an elderly pro-life protester outside of a Philadelphia Planned Parenthood clinic and threatening to dox her. Cable news was not much better. Only Fox News bothered to give the story airtime.

On Tucker Carlson Tonight, one of the handful of Fox News shows to cover the story, the eponymous host pointed out that “nobody at CNN is denouncing him. In fact, CNN’s website doesn’t even have a story about this as of this hour. Why would it? He’s their kind of politician so it’s not news.”

In addition to calling out CNN for practicing bias by omission, Carlson slammed the Pennsylvania Democratic Party for not commenting on Sims’ behavior and pointed out that his status as a “star” in the Democratic Party likely explains why he has not faced stronger condemnation from liberals in both the media and the Democratic Party.

One of Carlson’s guests, YouTube personality Dave Rubin, pointed out that if “he was a conservative or a Republican or anyone that remotely leaned right or was anything other than a full-on leftist progressive and he was doing the exact same thing, the media would be having a field day.” Rubin also mentioned that Sims violated the terms of service for the Periscope app on Twitter by threatening to dox the protesters.

Sims posted an eight-minute video of himself harassing the elderly woman. In the tweet accompanying the video, he urged people to “push back on Planned Parenthood protestors, PLEASE! They prey on young women, they use white privilege, & shame. They’re racist, classist bigots who NEED & DESERVE our righteous opposition.” Two weeks earlier, Sims filmed himself harassing a mother and three teenagers protesting outside the same clinic, offering $100 to anyone willing to dox them.

Rubin predicted that in spite of violating Periscope’s terms of service by threatening to dox the pro-life protesters, “the tech companies aren’t going to ban him.” After mentioning that Twitter had suspended conservative David Horowitz, Rubin concluded that double standards exist “not only when it comes to how the media deals with these people but also the tech companies.” As of right now, Sims has yet to face suspension from Twitter for violating the terms of service; his Twitter page containing multiple rants against Planned Parenthood protesters remains available for all to see.

In addition to interviewing Rubin, Carlson spoke with Ashley Geracht, the mother featured in the first video. Geracht pointed out that despite the fact that Sims slammed them as “a bunch of white people protesting outside a Planned Parenthood,” her daughter’s friend was not white and she pointed that out to him. Geracht also noted that her oldest daughter and her friend experienced even worse treatment at the March for Life, which they attended with their high school.

From the harassment of pro-life protesters by Representative Sims to the vilification of pro-life teenagers from Covington Catholic High School, it looks like pro-lifers cannot escape the rancor of liberal politicians and their pro-choice allies in the media.

Editor’s note. This appeared at Newsbusters and is reposted with permission.

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