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Oregon’s SB 579 scheduled for a Senate vote

by | May 17, 2019

Don’t Let Oregon Become a Euthanasia State

Contact Your Senator

By Lois Anderson, Executive Director, Oregon Right to Life

Even if you have many times before, please take a minute and contact your senator again. Tell them to vote NO on Senate Bill 579 and House Bill 2217.

We just received notice that SB 579 is scheduled for a full Senate chamber vote on Monday (5/20). HB 2217 is scheduled for a work session and committee vote on the same day.

The agenda of the Senate Democrats to devalue and kill off Oregonians is horrific. It is essential that we continue to voice our opposition and do everything within our power to stop these bills.

Speaking up and speaking out multiples times is the best tool that we have. Even if your senator has already said they disagree with you, they need to keep receiving your comments. Over and over. Until sine die (adjournment day) if need be.

Thank you for continuing to advocate for the vulnerable.

Please click here to tell your senator to vote no on both bills.

Because everyone deserves an advocate.

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