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SB 179 Passes In Nevada Assembly: Urge Gov. Sisolak to Veto

by | May 22, 2019

On Tuesday the Nevada Assembly passed the abortion bill SB179. The vote was 27-13. All Republicans voting voted no. John Hambrick was excused. All Democrats except Dina Neal voted yes.

SB179 has now passed both the Assembly and the Senate and heads to governor Sisolak.

Anticipating yesterday’s vote, Nevada Right to Life launched a statewide postcard campaign to ask Governor Sisolak to veto this SB179. Thousands of cards are pouring in. Please click here to contact Governor Sisolak and ask him to veto SB179.

As we note in our press release to the Nevada media, SB179 protects everyone but women. Nevada has the 5th most permissive abortion laws in the United States. SB179 will make Nevada a Wild West abortion state where almost everything goes by removing key protections and requirements.


  • Removes penalties for back alley abortions and for providing DIY [Do-It-Yourself] home abortion kits and other concoctions by removing NRS 201.120 and NRS 201.130.
  • Eliminates age verification, making child sex trafficking easier in Nevada.
  • Eliminates screening for coercion, thereby protecting abusers.
  • Eliminates requirement to give women consistent information concerning the abortion procedure in writing, including potential physical and emotional impacts.

SB179 is not a bill that would bring Nevada abortion law in line with current medical practices. SB179 gives a green light to dangerous back-alley abortions performed by individuals who got their training on YouTube and Do It Yourself home abortion kits bought on the corner or on eBay.

SB179 protects predators, the abortionist’s bottom line and aids those who victimize women and girls. It protects everyone but women.

Thank you to everyone who has emailed, written to, or called a legislator on SB179. Thanks to everyone who has spread the word. Our partnership has helped this bill become better. It is possible that the Governor did not think that this bill and its radical provisions was part of what he was campaigning for when he begged for Planned Parenthood and NARAL NV’s endorsements last year.

Please Take Action.

Please contact Governor Sisolak and ask him to veto SB179

Call him at (775) 684-5670 in Carson City or (702) 486-2500 in Las Vegas.

Send him an email at

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