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Three pro-abortion responses to their inexcusable behavior

by | May 7, 2019

By Dave Andrusko

If militant pro-abortionists were capable of shame, they would be shamed on behalf of Pennsylvania pro-abortion Pennsylvania Democratic State Rep. Brian Sims even if Sims himself cannot see how shamefully he treated an elderly pro-life woman peacefully walking in front of a Planned Parenthood clinic.

As you recall, last week Sims repeatedly mocked and belittled and attempted to intimidate the unidentified woman. For added spite, Sims (whose ego required that he videotape his verbal mugging) asked if anyone knew the woman’s home address so they could “protest out in front of her home.”

As best I can tell, Sims has not backed down an inch. Why would he when this was the introduction to his video:

“Push back against Planned Parenthood protestors, PLEASE! They prey on young women, they use white privilege, & shame. They’re racist, classist, bigots who NEED & DESERVE our righteous opposition. Push back, please.”

That’s a mouthful even for a man marinating in his own self-righteousness.

On the other hand, you have a Toronto pro-abortionist who apologized in court for her unprovoked attack last year on Katie Somers and Blaise Allyene. No one except Gabriela Skwarko knows whether her apology was genuine or just an attempt to get a reduced sentence. (The prosecution and the defense agreed on a recommendation of a conditional discharge and 18 months’ probation.)

Somewhere in the middle is pro-abortion Alabama Rep. John Rogers (D) who went ballistic when Republicans wouldn’t accept his party’s amendments to a bill.

According to the Washington Post’s Katie Mettler

“I’m not about to be the male tell a woman what to do with her body,” he [Roger] said, repeating a common refrain among abortion-rights advocates. “She has a right to make that decision herself.”

Then his argument took a turn.

“Some kids are unwanted, so you kill them now or kill them later,” he said. “You bring them into the world unwanted, unloved, then you send them to the electric chair. So you kill them now or you kill them later. But the bottom line is that I think we shouldn’t be making this decision.”

But there’s more where this came from, omitted by Mettler but included by Brandon Moseley of the Alabama Political Reporter:

“Some parents can’t handle a child with problems,” he said. “It could be retarded. It might have no arms and no legs.”

Donald Trump, Jr. tweeted in response, “This is stomach curling and makes Ralph Northam look like a moderate on abortion. “Every Democrat running for President needs to be asked where they stand on this. The extreme turn we’ve seen from Dems on abortion recently is truly sickening.”

According to Fox News, when asked by a local television station to respond to the President’s son,

Rogers laughed, saying Trump Jr. was “proof” that women should have a right to an abortion and called his statement “stupid.”

He even suggested that Trump Jr. was “retarded or crazy.”

“I know there’s something wrong with that boy,” Rogers said. “I look at him and I can tell there’s something wrong with him. That’s the best defense I have for more abortions right there looking at him.”

But calling Donald Trump, Jr. “retarded” turned out to be something even Rogers had to walk back.

Appearing Monday on Talk 99.5’s “Matt & Aunie Show,” Rogers spoke as if all’s fair in love, war, and politics and that what he had said about Donald Trump Jr. was just “hyperbole,” according to Kyle Morris.


Rogers also discussed his remarks when he said Donald Trump, Jr. was the best argument for abortion… “I intended it to be below the belt. I dislike him that much,” Rogers said. “I’m not in love with Donald Trump or Donald Trump, Jr.”

However, Rogers had less success excusing away his slur, finally saying, “I was wrong about the retarded thing.”

He added, “I’m shying away from the fact that I used the word retarded.”

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