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Beginning today, abortionists must provide information about Abortion Pill Reversal in Kentucky

by | Jun 27, 2019

By Dave Andrusko

Have you ever noticed that every piece of legislation that promotes life is “controversial” while laws that legalize abortion until birth (and withdraw protections after birth) are celebrated as “victories” no more controversial than the day of the week? Of course you have.

Deborah Yetter’s beat for the Louisville Courier-Journal includes abortion. She makes only the most marginal attempts to be impartial.

Yesterday’s headline read “Kentucky’s controversial abortion ‘reversal’ law takes effect Thursday.”

What does Senate Bill 50 require? That “doctors” (abortionists) “counsel patients seeking to terminate an early-stage pregnancy with medication that the process can be reversed if a different medication is administered.” So why is this “controversial”?

Well, because the usual suspects (including the AMA) don’t agree with “anti-abortion doctors around the country” who “have found that administering progesterone to the patient can reverse the abortion if given in time.” They “denounced such claims as unproven and not based on medical evidence.”

Let’s be a little more specific than Ms. Yetter.

First, HB 50 requires that prior to prescribing the two pills that make up chemical (“medication”) abortions, the abortionists must tell a woman that she can potentially reverse a medically induced abortion if after taking the first of the two pills [mifepristone ], she does not take the second [misoprostol]. As Gayle Irwin explained, the woman is also given “extra progesterone to compete with the mifepristone and bring stability back to the pregnancy.”

Second, as State Sen. Robby Mills, the sponsor behind Senate Bill 50, said, “This does not keep anyone from having a chemical abortion. It’s just giving them information that if they have regrets or want to change their mind, that it is reversible before the second pill is taken.”

Third, there is not enough evidence in the universe to convince the Abortion Industry and its compatriots in the media Abortion Pill Reversal works. Not now, not ever.

However for others who are willing to look at the evidence…for starters, begin with the well over 500 babies who have been saved.

Then consider a study published in Issues in Law and Medicine reported that a woman or girl has as high as a 68% chance of saving her baby using the Abortion Pill Reversal protocol.

Reporting these facts would, indeed, be “controversial” in the eyes of the Abortion Industry and its legion of apologists.