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Do you know where Joe Biden stands on Taxpayer Funding of Abortion?

by | Jun 10, 2019

Joe doesn’t either…

Where does Joe Biden stand on taxpayer funding of abortion? Apparently, Joe doesn’t even know – or at least he forgot.

Joe Biden has flip-flopped so many times in recent weeks on the Hyde Amendment that when you see flip flops this summer –think Joe Biden.

Before he began his presidential campaign, Biden supported the pro-life Hyde Amendment, which restricts taxpayer funding of abortion. Soon after his announcement, he renounced the Hyde Amendment. Last week, he supported it. Two days later, he rejected it.

So what is it Joe? Did you forget?

Joe Biden, who used to be pro-life, even voted to endorse Roe v Wade, which allows abortion for any reason!

Our nation’s unborn children deserve a president who’s really pro-life…and so do you!

Please help us expose flip-flops like Joe Biden in the 2020 Presidential election. Donate to National Right to Life’s Victory Fund.

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