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Elections have consequences

by | Jun 4, 2019

State Equal Rights Amendment passed Nevada legislature last night under the cover of darkness less than 4 days after it was introduced.

SJR8 ERA had been declared an Emergency Measure.

Introduced in the dark of night. Passed each house in the dark of night. Two public hearings, but the public was given no notice. Your voice was muzzled.

In an incredibly frustrating show of raw power, the State Equal Rights Amendment [SJR8 ERA] was jammed through with not even a hint of deliberative process. This measure has unintended consequences that have not been explored.

Assemblywoman Alexis Hansen gave a great statement on the Floor. Assemblymen Edwards and Hafen also spoke on the Floor. The Democrats voted to cut off debate, not allowing Assemblyman Hafen to finish his speech. It took great courage for 8 Republicans to vote NO. We are proud of them!

Please thank the following Republican Assemblymen who voted NO on SJR8 ERA which will harm women.,,,,,,,

Your emails and calls helped sway several legislators! Your voice is important. The session may be over, but your legislator still works for you. Please, spend time kindly informing them of your opinions. Unsure who your legislators are? Click here.

SJR8 is a constitutional amendment so it must pass in the next legislative session and then it goes on the ballot in 2022.

Impact of State Equal Rights Amendments

Taxpayer Funded Abortion

The American Bar Association has noted that “state equal rights amendments have been very effective in cases involving reproductive rights.”

In both New Mexico and Connecticut, courts used state Equal Rights Amendments to overturn restrictions on abortions and mandate taxpayer funding of elective Medicaid abortions with the rationale that since abortion is unique to women, restricting abortions is a form of sex discrimination. ” (N.M. Right to Choose/NARAL v. Johnson, 975 P.2d 841, 1998; and Doe v. Maher, 515 A.2d 134 [Conn Super. Ct. 1986])

The Daily Beast had a recent article that explains the strategy behind Equal Rights Amendments. Click here.

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