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How much further is it possible for pro-abortion Democrats to go?

by | Jun 19, 2019

By Dave Andrusko

I’d meant to write something about next week’s first debate among 20 Democratic presidential aspirants but didn’t. Thankfully my colleagues at NRLC were more diligent (see

Here are just a couple of additional thoughts about the debate which takes place over two days—June 26-27—in Miami. NBC is the “media partner” for the event which will feature 20 men and women. I suppose it could have been worse: it could have been CNN.

*When the five moderators were first named, Newsbusters provided a profile of what it called “this tilted team of liberal journalists/activists.”

For reasons best known to NBC bigwigs, MSNBC’s Rachel Maddow was chosen. Brent Bozell and Tim Graham dubbed her “a leftist Trump-hating Russiagate conspiracy theorist” who “ended her last turn as a debate moderator by hugging both Bernie Sanders and Hillary Clinton.” The other four are disasters on various grounds. In a word, don’t be looking for any fastballs high and tight.

*On our issues, they are 10 tweedledees and 10 tweedledums. To borrow from the late Eugene McCarthy (who was comparing Washington’s political press to crows on a high wire), “When one lands, they all land. And when one takes off, they all take off.” On abortion—and likely on refusing to provide care to abortion survivors—they are a “herd of independent minds” (to borrow from the late Harold Rosenberg).

*So how do you stand out—aka, come across as even more extreme when your party and your competitors have already breached the barrier of abortion up to 40 weeks?

Well, you could stop pretending there is no need to protect abortion survivors. You’d toss overboard the party’s preposterously insincere talking points–that either no aborted babies are born-alive or, if they do, care is already mandated.

You look at the cameras and boldly declare, “The person [aka the mother] has already decided that the survival of the fetus [the born-alive baby] is incompatible with the person’s autonomous choice. Better for everyone if the fetus is removed from where the caring staff and mother person can see it.

“FYI: blankets are optional, except to put over the fetus’s face should it refuse to die expire on its own. #wecare.”

Maybe not on the first round. But let’s see what happens when the field gets narrowed down to a handful and PPFA and EMILY’s List and NARAL come a’callin’.

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