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New poll shows overwhelming opposition to infanticide & majority support to overturn or modify Roe

by | Jun 3, 2019

By Dave Andrusko

Kudos to John Sexton for cutting right to the chase:

The Hill [newspaper] has exclusively released another Harvard CAPS/Harris poll, this one on the topic of abortion. The headline of the Hill piece is “Nearly half of Americans say Supreme Court should uphold Roe v. Wade.” That’s accurate but it overlooks the fact that a majority of respondents want the law to be modified or overturned.

“Accurate but…” How many abortion polls could we say that about? Not nearly as many as “Not accurate and…”

That aside, let’s gets to the online poll of 1,295 registered voters, which is genuinely fascinating. The poll is awful news for Democrats who are so caught up in the quest for abortion through all 40 weeks–and beyond–that they ignore they are on a very small island of their own making.

The abortion questions begin on page 55. What do the results of the survey, taken May 29-30, tell us?

*A whopping total of 69% believe the Supreme Court will either overturn Roe v. Wade (20%) or modify the 1973 decision (49%).

*What about their personal preference? 46% say the Supreme Court should “affirm” Roe while a total of 54% would want the justices to overturn Roe (18%) or modify it (36%).

*The survey then moves into under what conditions those surveyed support abortion. But before then, what about the burning issue of treating abortion survivors, a vote over which Democrats refuse to allow in the United States House or Senate?

Since the question is biased as can be, the results should make Democrats even more nervous:

“Once a child is born, if it has deformities, should a mother and doctor [the abortionist] be permitted to end of the life [the life of who?] or should that not be permitted?”

The survey question gives what Democrats want to talk about–a child born with “deformities”—and still only 30% would permit the mother and abortionist to decide to end the child’s life!

Seventy percent say infanticide should “not be permitted.”

With respect to conditions and circumstances, the Hill’s Max Greenwood offers the understatement of the year:

The polling results suggest Americans believe there should be some restrictions on when women can seek abortions.

Indeed it does!

A plurality — 41 percent — said the procedure should be allowed only in cases of rape or incest. Twenty-nine percent said it should be permitted up until the first trimester of pregnancy, while 17 percent said it should be allowed until the second trimester.

Only 8 percent said abortions should be permitted up until the third trimester, and 6 percent said the procedure should be allowed “up until the birth of the child.”

John Sexton neatly summarizes what Greenwood minimizes: “Overall, that gets you about 14% who support 3rd-trimester abortion, which matches with a Gallup poll last year which found support at 13 percent. ”

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