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Rhode Island Abortion Expansion Bill Moves to Full Senate – Email Now

by | Jun 14, 2019

After extraordinary interventions by Senate Leadership, an extreme, New York style abortion-expansion bill last night passed out of committee and now moves to Senate floor for a vote next Wednesday, June 19.

If 2019 — H 5125 Sub B clears the full Senate, it will then be referred back to the House Judiciary Committee, because of cosmetic changes made in the Senate. If successful, it will then proceed again, during the final days of this legislative session, to the full House where a nearly identical version was already passed on March 7.

Time is Short – Email Your Legislators Now

It has become absolutely clear that House and Senate Leadership are stubbornly determined to push this bill through. For reasons not yet fully known or revealed, they are tenaciously and viciously “whipping” those who would otherwise vote against the bill. And they are violating their own rules and the assurances and representations they have made both to constituents, to fellow lawmakers, and to me and my predecessors.

A treacherous madness and bloodlust has descended upon both legislative chambers with some former “friends” now nearly snarling when they see me.

There is still time to intervene with your state Representative and state Senator, and I ask you now to do it in a very direct and clear voice, in the language most of them understand best, namely, that if they do not oppose this extreme abortion bill, then you will vigorously oppose them, in every primary, in every general election, and in every lawful manner possible with your time and treasure and talents… in 2020, in 2022, in 2024, in 2026, in 2028, and beyond… you will not forget… and you will recruit others to join you.

Please do not delay. Email now!

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