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4 Reasons the Abortion Industry Will Never Accept Abortion Pill Reversal (APR)

by | Jul 19, 2019

By Kirk Walden

This week, Pregnancy Help News rolled out yet another story of Abortion Pill Rescue (APR). Shashana Hazi is one of more than 750 women now crediting this protocol for saving her child’s life. Yet while the pro-life community celebrates another little boy in this world, the abortion industry turns its nose, calling APR “junk science” and “unproven.”

Friends, it doesn’t matter if APR saves 750, 75,000 or 7.5 million lives. The abortion industry (and its friends) will always try to discredit APR. Here are four reasons why:

1. Because APR is About Choice

If the abortion industry ever acknowledged the efficacy of APR, it would place them in an untenable position. Currently, the industry monopolizes the word, “Choice.” If they ever admit APR works, it is reasonable to expect any provider of “choice” to share APR information with its clientele. They’ll never do this, so the industry’s only option is to dismiss APR.

2. Because APR Is Not Easy

Think about what might happen if Planned Parenthood—to keep its federal funding—was encouraged to provide information on the APR protocol? If so, clients might dare to ask Planned Parenthood, “If I take the APR protocol, will you help me with prenatal care?”

Things like prenatal care, checkups, ultrasound, childbirth classes and labor and delivery take time and effort by those who provide these services. As a new grandfather (thought I would casually throw this in. Oh, and thanks for asking—little Henry is doing quite well. I have pictures), Jenn and I watched our daughter and her husband walk through more than a dozen appointments, an early delivery, and 11 days with a child in the Neonatal ICU. It wasn’t easy for them, or for their care providers.

Abortion, at least to the industry, is quick and easy. Forget about the patient—let them deal with any complications. To admit APR is effective is to open a door to more work. For the Planned Parenthoods of this world, why bother?

3. Because APR is About Life

While APR promotes the choice of life, when is the last time we saw NARAL or Planned Parenthood celebrate a life? Check out Planned Parenthood Action Council’s pinned tweet. Here’s what it says:

In its Twitter feed, @PPact weighs in on illegal immigration, voting rights, the death of a labor union president, its support of Democratic party candidates and more. But nothing about the joy of the reproductive choice of . . . reproducing a baby.

APR puts life on the radar of women and men. Planned Parenthood wants nothing to do with this.

Finally, #4 is . . . Money

You knew this would be the biggie. Planned Parenthood raked in more than $244 million in profits last year. They have current assets of $1.8 billion. There are entire nations with much less.

APR threatens Planned Parenthood’s money train. As APR grows, the “abortion pill” and its many side-effects takes center stage, drawing more attention. While the abortion industry loves publicity and drums up false controversies to remain relevant, one thing it never wants is scrutiny.

APR means more will be watching and questioning Planned Parenthood. They want none of it.

So, if we’re waiting for APR to gain “mainstream” approval in the media and in the political world, we’ll need patience. Planned Parenthood has plenty of friends in the media and tons of cash invested in the political system—and a lot to lose as more see the incredible benefits of the APR protocol.

APR’s success, however, brings the possibility of a major cultural shift as our society rethinks abortion. More rescued babies lead to more happy parents, more thrilled grandparents (did I mention I just became a grandfather?), more uncles and aunts, more friends and neighbors celebrating life.

In this cultural shift, the abortion industry and its allies in the press and political world will be left behind. That’s okay. Their relevance is dwindling today, and perhaps APR is another tool to speed up the process.

While the Daily Beast may call APR, “scary, bogus science,” APR has as evidence 750 babies; living, breathing, laughing and loving examples of its effectiveness. Oh, and in case Planned Parenthood and its buddies haven’t noticed, more are on the way.

Editor’s note. This appeared at Pregnancy Help News and is reposted with permission.