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49th annual NRLC Convention off to a Memorable Start

by | Jul 5, 2019

By Dave Andrusko

What a way to start a convention! People from as far away as Canada, Mexico, and Australia were there for “A Time to be Encouraged,” a message delivered by the very pro-life governor of South Carolina, Henry McMaster. He delighted his audience with reminders drawn from history of how perseverance and courage and determination won out in the end—a perfect description of the Pro-Life Movement.

This year’s 49th annual convention truly has something for everyone. As NRLC President Carol Tobias said at the luncheon, “Whether your interests lie in legislation, politics, social media, fundraising, changing hearts and minds through education, and working with women who have had abortion or the younger generations, we have something for you.”

Just take the first day’s workshop. Consider the breadth and depth and expertise. Right out of the box how to use 21st Century Communication Technology. Across the hall, how to be a persuasive pro-lifer. In the same time frame, the latest on fetal pain research, legal developments, and building a network that saves lives—the legacy of Terri Schiavo.

Next session you could take a deep dive into abortion numbers presented in an understandable format or understand how to deal with the IRS or get an update on the latest in state and federal legislation. But that’s just a start.

Much more—and again, just the first day—how to do effective religious outreach, the power of art, the critical importance of grassroots organization. And still more—much more—about using social media effectively.

Then a memorable general Session to end Friday’s first day: “Out of the Darkness of Death, Come Hope, Mercy, and Grace.”

An outstanding first day—with much much more to come on Saturday.

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