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Alaska governor to state Supreme Court: The abortion funding you mandated is coming from your budget

by | Jul 10, 2019

By Claire Chretien

Editor’s note. This is excerpted from a post that appeared at LifeSiteNews.

Alaska Gov. Mike Dunleavy

ALASKA, July 1, 2019 – Alaska Gov. Mike Dunleavy has a message for the state’s Supreme Court: If you’re going to force taxpayers to fund abortions, that money is coming out of your budget.

The Alaska Supreme Court has continually ruled that the state must fund abortions, so Dunleavy slashed the amount it has been spending on the deadly practice from the state judiciary’s budget.

Via a line-item veto, Dunleavy reduced the budget of the state’s courts by $334,700 – the amount of public money spent on elective abortions annually.

“The Legislative and Executive Branch are opposed to state-funded elective abortions; the only branch of government that insists on state-funded elective abortions is the Supreme Court,” the governor’s office explained of its fiscal year 2020 budget. “The annual cost of elective abortions is reflected by this reduction.”

“The Federal Government also prohibits any federal funds paying for elective abortions,” the document notes.

There is no legal limit on late-term abortion in Alaska.

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