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Anti-Life EMILY’s List plans to drop $20 million to flip state legislatures, including Texas

by | Jul 16, 2019

By Texas Right to Life

The anti-Life political action committee EMILY’s List announced that the group will be putting an “unprecedented” $20 million toward flipping state legislatures across the country, including in Texas. In a press release, the group said the initiative is called Focus 2020 and will dump the eight-figure sum into races of female candidates who match the group’s radical abortion agenda.

The announcement stated that, in addition to Texas, the abortion mob will target [state and local races in Florida, Georgia, Michigan, Minnesota, North Carolina, Ohio, Pennsylvania, Virginia, and Wisconsin.

Potential candidates like Texas’s “Abortion Queen” [former state Senator] Wendy Davis are EMILY’s List’s ideal candidate: women who are committed above-all-else to enshrining the “right” to end the life of a preborn child at every level of government. If abortion radicals like this are elected to office, whether to local, state, or national office, they will have the power to undue decades of work by committed Pro-Life advocates.

Texans have known for years that anti-Life activists are putting everything on the line in the 2020 election. This became clear in the mid-term election with the national anti-Life lobby’s financing of Robert “Beto” O’Rourke’s failed bid for U.S. senator against Pro-Life stalwart Senator Ted Cruz (R-Houston). During his run for Senate, O’Rourke raised more funding than any other candidate in U.S. history, with large amounts coming from anti-Life hubs New York and California.

Texans succeeded in defeating O’Rourke and the abortion mob in 2018, but we may not be as fortunate in 2020. Even in the mid-term election, the radical anti-Life forces in California and New York seeking to get O’Rourke elected managed to have devastating down-ballot effects that cost Pro-Life champions at the state and local level.

EMILY’s List, based in Washington, D.C., is the nation’s most powerful anti-Life lobbying group, surpassing even abortion powerhouse Planned Parenthood in funding anti-Life candidates in every state. Ironically, Stephanie Schriock, president of EMILY’s List, couched the massive $20 million initiative in terms of returning politics to local control.

She said, “These state legislative battles are crucial in the fight to protect reproductive freedom and ensure that districts are truly representative of voters in each state.” Nothing ensures districts are “truly representative of voters in each state” like the intrusion of outside money from a group backing a radical anti-Life agenda of taxpayer-funded elective abortion without restriction.

In addition to pushing anti-Life legislation, the goal of EMILY’s List is to redistrict states to advantage anti-Life politicians. According to the abortion group, this is “critical to reviving our democracy and decreasing the polarization in our nation.” Allowing Texans and Pro-Life citizens in other states to participate in the election process without radical outside interference seems much more likely to result in “decreasing the polarization,” but EMILY’s List has already thrown down the gauntlet.

In an interview with Michigan Public radio, Ianthe Metzger, deputy director of campaign communications for EMILY’s List, said that the abortion group does not yet have specific endorsements for Michigan and other states and does not know where each of the staggering $20 million will go. In the next year, states can expect to see endorsements from the powerful anti-Life group in races at every level of government as EMILY’s List identifies the radical anti-Lifers who will carry out their bidding.

Texas has long been a Pro-Life stronghold, but we cannot assume that the strong, Pro-Life majority will remain. As more outside money elevates increasingly radical candidates like O’Rourke and Texas’s “Abortion Queen,” the will of the Pro-Life majority is jeopardized. As we know, the results will not just be a lost election; in this fight the results could be lost lives, innocents killed through elective abortion in our state.

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