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French Leaders Learn from National Right to Life

by | Jul 24, 2019

By Dave Andrusko

On July 24, Karen Cross, National Right to Life political director, spoke to members of a program for young French conservatives. They come to the United States for a month to learn from seasoned political leaders in the U.S.

They are engaged in the media, politics, and think tanks in France.

They were particularly intrigued by the kinds of issues pro-lifers face in the United States. Cross explained how National Right to Life served as both a leader and an informational clearing house for the pro-life movement.

Cross shared the educational, legislative and political realities of abortion in the United States, and how National Right to Life’s activities change hearts and minds while saving lives through its education, legislation, and political action programs.

Marie, a journalist, said, “Your actions give [us] hope for the future.”

Pierre, a researcher, added, “It was great to know more about the crucial work you are doing.”

Our French friends left with a better understanding of the right to life movement in the United States, ready to take the lessons learned back to France.

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