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In the end, the truth is the unborn baby’s best friend

by | Jul 31, 2019

By Maria V. Gallagher, Legislative Director, Pennsylvania Pro-Life Federation

The abortion industry and its political backers have descended to a new low as far as double-speak is concerned.

For years, they have been promoting dehumanizing language such as “product of conception” and “blobs of tissue” to describe a uniquely formed, undeniably human preborn baby.

But the effort to obfuscate and deceive has intensified with the terminology used about and by their candidates for public office.

This week the pro-abortion lobbying group known as NARAL tweeted that a pro-abortion candidate was a “fighter for women and families.” Such a statement, by rights, should earn a few Pinocchios for its falsity.

First of all, promoting the continuation of legal abortion cannot be considered fighting for families. Abortion destroys families, ending the lives of precious innocent children. As many post-abortive women will attest, abortion can also destroy relationships—ending some marriages while preventing others.

Secondly, fighting for women should mean advocating for their best interests. A cold-hearted offer to take the life of a woman’s baby is an act of anti-woman cruelty.

After the abortion she will be left to grieve her child—perhaps her only child. And abortion will not solve any of the problems she had to begin with—be it financial difficulties, relationship troubles, abuse or abandonment.

The Democratic Presidential candidates defending legal abortion are similarly engaging in hyperbole and hypocrisy. Consider New York Senator Kirsten Gillibrand.

Asked by a cable news reporter about late-term abortions, Gillibrand responded “This should be a decision for women.”

What about the fact that research shows as many as 60% of women feel pressured into having abortions? In other words, someone else is doing the “choosing” for them, be it a husband, boyfriend, parent, or grandparent. These women, victimized by family members and the abortion industry, are invisible to political abortion apologists.

Such subversive language is designed to fool people into thinking that abortion empowers women and that it saves families. Nothing could be further from the truth.

But as it has been said, truth is the first casualty of war and politics. It is only by cloaking abortion in feel-good language that the industry has been able to survive. Once an individual’s eyes are opened to the truth, a mind can be changed and a heart softened to accept life, at all ages and stages of development.

In the end, the truth is a baby’s best friend.

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