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South American pro-life movement plans global party to celebrate blocking abortion legalization in Argentina

by | Jul 29, 2019

By Jonathon Van Maren

Editor’s note. This is excerpted from a post at The Bridgehead.

On August 8, the one year anniversary of Argentina’s vote to shut down abortion legalization, the growing “For the Two Lives” movement is planning a massive party across South America, Latin America, and the world.

Wielding the blue kerchief as a symbol, millions of people are planning to rally across the continent . You can sign up or get more information in both English and Spanish here.

I spoke to several pro-life leaders spearheading the initiative earlier this summer:

What is the Youth Declaration of Organization of American States?

The participation of young people has notably increased in the discussion of issues inherent to them such as human dignity and human rights, as has their appreciation for the institutions and values of democracy, security, and economic security. …

How did this new initiative come about, and who is involved?

At the beginning of April, 2019 in Bogota, Colombia, in the framework of the Youth Program of the Political Network for Values, organized by Human Solidarity International, various young people from the Americas got together and had the idea to work together for the promotion of values and principles that we consider important for a better future….

What do you want the international pro-life movement to know about this new initiative?

We want the international pro-life movement to know about the consolidation of the network that the great Ola Celeste “Salvemos las 2 Vidas” has become. This blue movement that began in August 8th, in 2018, in Buenos Aires, Argentina when almost 5 million people got out to streets sharing that all human kind has dignity in all stages of life no matter what with the slogan “both lives count,” [which] is already a movement for all America. So what we thought was a movement just for a month, became the blue celeste flag for the pro-life movement in all America. …

We do this with the hope of sharing our vision and to bring these issues to the forefront in international forums. We know that we are millions of young people in the whole world who believe and defend these principles and we want to make it known to our representatives and to the world. The declaration was a first step in an international forum, but we invite more young people and organizations to subscribe so we can keep working together for a more humane and fraternal world.

To end we are preparing a global big party to celebrate together the 8A as a date that for all of us represents a milestone and a manifestation of strength of the Pro-life worldwide.

Check out my interview with Argentine pro-life leaders last year.

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