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‘Suicide Pod’ Which Gasses Patients To Death, Unveiled

by | Jul 26, 2019

The pod which can see patients gassed and then serve as their coffin is on show today

By SPUC—the Society for the Protection of Unborn Children.

The pod which can see patients gassed and then serve as their coffin.

A 3D printed ‘suicide pod’ designed to kill patients with nitrogen is being unveiled today by Australian euthanasia activist, Doctor Philip Nitschke, also known as ‘Dr Death.’

The death pod, also referred to as a ‘glorified gas chamber’ was first envisioned in 2012. It contains canisters of liquid nitrogen which are released when activated by the person inside the capsule within the pod. This causes oxygen levels to plummet to very low levels and starves the individual of the air he or she needs, causing their death.

The capsule is then detached from the pod and serves as a coffin for the occupant.

Nitschke now has his deadly creation on display at the ‘Disrupting Death’ workshop in Queensland Australia, which is set to inform vulnerable people how to end their life. Aimed at those aged 50 plus or the terminally ill, the workshop claims that the suicide pod can kill you with ‘style and euphoria.’

Disturbingly, Nitschke claims that the suicide pod can offer us an ‘elegant almost euphoric’ death. Speaking to Exit International, Nitschke said: “The idea of using a machine to have absolute control really has been a long-term interest of mine. So, a person can, with minimal involvement, get into the machine and press a button for a very peaceful, elegant almost-euphoric death.”

Assisted Suicide Spreads Into Australia

Nitschke insists that the suicide pod is not illegal to use in Australia as suicide is not recognised as a criminal offence in any Australian state. The culture of death can clearly be seen to have infiltrated the country as assisted suicide laws were passed in the state of Victoria in 2017 and officially came into force in June this year.

In recent weeks, a terminally ill patient was the first in the country to be given a ‘permit’ to consume lethal drugs and end their life. According to reports, the vulnerable patient is yet to use their suicide permit.

The Global Promotion Of Death

In recent years, countries across the globe have submitted to the culture of death. Disturbingly, the practice of assisted suicide has increasingly been backed and practiced by members of the medical profession in various legislatures, turning doctors from healers into killers.

Recently, doctors who end their patient’s lives across some American States have even invested in an organisation, NCCMAID, [National Clinicians Conference on Medical Aid in Dying] ] specifically designed to teach other doctors how to end their patients’ lives and promote assisted suicide within the medical field.

2018 saw the chilling call of two Canadian doctors and a bioethicist for permission to take organs from patients, while they are still alive, who had signed up for euthanasia.

The corrosive effects that assisted suicide and euthanasia can inflict upon the vulnerable are now appallingly apparent. Since Canada legalised euthanasia in 2016, there have been at least 6,749 cases of medically assisted death.

Belgium which euthanizes at-least five citizens a day, was recently placed under world-wide scrutiny after three doctors were accused of certifying a 38 year old woman, Tine Nys, as autistic so she could be euthanised, and subsequently killed by lethal injection in 2010. It was later discovered the deceased was not autistic but instead suffered from a ‘broken heart’ after a relationship break-up. Similarly, disturbing scenarios have occurred in the Netherlands which saw a doctor ask family members to ‘hold down’ a struggling patient whilst he euthanised her.

Showcasing Suicide To Vulnerable People

“The acceleration of assisted suicide and euthanasia across the globe is truly unsettling,” Michael Robinson, SPUC Director of Communications said. “Assisted suicide exploits vulnerable people and puts them at risk of unthinkable abuse as we have witnessed countless times across regions that endorse assisted suicide.”

Mr. Robinson continued: “Creations such as the ‘suicide pod’ go one step further however, as it appears to showcase suicide to vulnerable people in a glamorized, stylish fashion. Vulnerable people need care, not killing. The suicide pod being showcased to the ill and elderly today, executes the discriminatory message that some life matters less than others and that killing matters more than care.”

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