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The Powerful, Positive Impact of Pregnancy Centers

by | Jul 8, 2019

By Gayle Irwin

She came to our center planning to abort. The career-minded young woman said she had no desire to be a mother and that her “friend,” though he supported her decision in some ways, told her he would support a decision to carry if she changed her mind.

What “Kelly” and the nurse saw on the ultrasound screen at that initial appointment made our patient gasp – she was farther along than she thought … and carrying twins! Overwhelmed and uncertain, she spent more time with her advocate and talked with our resource coordinator, who shared her own abortion story. Transformation took place, and Kelly signed up for our first-time moms program and our resource program. Her partner stood beside her; he attended the sessions with her and enrolled in our fatherhood program. Kelly carried her sons to term, and throughout her time with us, she graced her program leaders with thank-you notes and spoken compliments.

Refreshing Accolades

I thought of Kelly as I reviewed last month’s exit surveys recently. From the stack of nearly 30 responses, I was struck by several patient comments. In past years, we’ve primarily had just numerical ratings, perhaps a word or two here and there. However, during the past few months, several women told us what they liked about their appointments, and many were quite thoughtful. Something has struck, and stuck with, the women visiting our center. Perhaps the toxicity of current society has them recognizing sincere integrity, compassion, and love bestowed upon them at True Care Women’s Resource Center; perhaps they are finding such an atmosphere and personal characteristics within our staff and volunteers refreshing.

Here are a few of those recent patient comments:

  • “Very kind, caring people. Gave me as much answers and information as possible, and went over important resources.”
  • “Feels as though I am at a good friend’s home — safe and helpful.”
  • “I liked how each person was polite and explained things to me.”

I was additionally pleased to see how many “10s” our staff and volunteers received (1 being poor service/bad experience, 10 being excellent service/great experience). Tens were even given to advocates and nurses who came aboard in recent weeks and months.

Programs and Patients Speak Volumes

Abortion activists attempt to discredit the value and services provided by pregnancy resource centers and pregnancy medical resource centers like True Care; however, our patients/clients say otherwise. Their fears are turned into confidence, their uncertainties into hope, and their insecurities into empowerment. Their lives are transformed.

Their needs are met, physically in terms of pregnancy tests, ultrasounds and STD testing/treatment and in terms of materials assistance. Their needs are met emotionally through the encouragement they receive from center volunteers and staff and from their intimate support systems like family and friends. Spiritually their needs are met through Gospel presentations and programs like Embrace Grace. They are empowered by knowing their options, hearing about Christ, receiving materials and other assistance, and learning about resources like physicians, Medicaid, housing and employment services, and education opportunities.

A few years ago, another True Care patient benefitted from such empowerment, so much so that she and our CEO attended Babies Go to Congress. Acacia continues raising her son, even through difficult circumstances, such as working more than one job. Her determination to be the best mom she can be in spite of challenges epitomizes a True Care core value: having a fighting spirit.

Those of us in the pro-life movement are putting our money where our mouths are, the money our donors entrust to us, connecting with women in need of our help and giving them that support, those services, those words, and those referrals.

A recent article I contributed to Pregnancy Help News reminded me that we in this line of work don’t have to toot our own horns: our patients/clients do that for us. And, on those really tough days, when women make the choice we pray they won’t make, choosing death over life, we can look upon those exit surveys, emails, cards, and letters and be reminded that our work is NOT in vain. We do powerfully, positively impact women, their babies and families. We do make a difference – not only in this generation, but in the generation to come.

Editor’s note. This appeared at Pregnancy Help News and is reposted with permission.