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Trump and Pence pierce through media fog to reveal the truth about Democrats’ abortion extremism

by | Jul 18, 2019

By Dave Andrusko

Pro-life President Donald Trump and Pro-life Vice President Mike Pence

Going forward, I know that every time the usual suspects bash President Trump for “false” or “distorted” comments about Democrats and their ever-more-extreme posture on abortion, I will now think of a new video ad put out by the Republican National Committee

The video was described by one reporter as a “brutal new campaign ad.” Was the ad unfair? No. Did it slice comments out of context? No. Did it put words in candidates’ mouths? No, again.

All it did was allow the viewers to see what these candidates said—or refuse to say—in response to a question. The ad was not “brutal” but devastatingly effective.

Their silence spoke volumes.

President Trump, whom the media underrate almost as much as they hate, understands that the overwhelming percentage of news outlets hide, apologize for, and minimize what Democrats say about abortion (through all 40 weeks paid by the tax payer) and infanticide (a growing willingness to admit that abortion survivors are owed no medical treatment unless the aborted mother and the abortionist say they should). The last thing pro-abortion Democrats and their legion of media enablers want is for the public to know the truth.

That is why, over and over again, President Trump and Vice President Mike Pence highlight how out to sea all the Democrat candidates for President and almost all Congressional Democrats are on abortion and infanticide. They remind us that to virtually all of them, the sanctity of all human life is the equivalent of a four-letter word. On abortion, Mr. Trump and Mr. Pence just tell it like it is, the way the networks and the New York Times and the Washington Post, and the whole motley crew will never.

Last night, in Charlotte, North Carolina for their first official campaign rally since President Trump announced his plan to run for re-election, Mr. Trump said, “Virtually every top Democrat now supports late-term abortion, ripping babies straight from their mothers’ womb, right up until the moment of birth… That’s why I’ve asked Congress to prohibit extreme late-term abortion of babies.”

Added pro-life Vice President Pence, “While leading voices in the Democratic Party advocate late-term abortion and defend infanticide, I couldn’t be more proud to serve alongside a president who stands without apology for the sanctity of human life.”

It is (as the Marxists used to say) no accident that Planned Parenthood canned Dr. Leanna Wen after only eight months as president. Somebody had to pay (from their perspective) for all the bad news.

Some of that “bad news” (actually a lot) is the product of a pro-life administration. To take just the most recent example, PPFA defiantly said it would opt out of receiving Title X funds while it battles the Trump Administration in court. (The 9th Circuit Court of Appeals turned away a request for an emergency stay just a few days ago.)

As you recall, it was “back to the future” last April when HHS finalized rules that returned Title X to its origins. You want to participate, don’t perform abortions, refer for abortions, or co-house your abortionists with the staff that actually performs genuine health services.

The President and the Vice President know the only way to break through the protective shield the major media have surrounded pro-abortion Democrats with is to speak the truth over and over and over again.

And that is just what they have done, over and over and over again.

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