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Two pro-abortion Kansas state Supreme Court Justices are retiring

by | Jul 30, 2019

By Mary Wilkinson, President, Board of Directors, Kansans for Life

Chief Justice Lawton Nuff seated at the center front and Justice Lee Johnson is standing, second from the front.

You may have seen the news Kansas Supreme Court Chief Justice Lawton Nuss and Associate Justice Lee Johnson announced they are retiring from the court. These announcements come months after creating a radical, unrestricted right to abortion and allowing the live dismemberment of pre-born babies in Kansas to continue.

These justices opened the door to late-term, taxpayer-funded abortion. Something that is widely known to make self-identified “pro-choice” voters cringe.

These justices knew they would have to face voters at upcoming retention elections and mainstream media outlets indicated that KFL’s [Kansans for Life’s] intention to run vigorous retention elections against them was a driving factor in their decisions to step down.

Can you blame them? Leaving women and children to the mercy of an unregulated abortion industry is not something to campaign on. With national polls showing that people are trending pro-life, they knew it was time to move on.

While these justices may be feeling the public outcry because of their barbaric ruling, there is plenty of work to be done. We must pass a Constitutional Amendment to reverse the Kansas Supreme Court’s barbaric ruling and must work to ensure our Judicial Selection process does not replace these justices with even more extreme members.

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