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“Wanted” wins 2019 National Right to Life Video Contest

by | Jul 8, 2019

By Dave Andrusko

The National Right to Life Video Contest is a great opportunity for young people (ages 15-25) to showcase their talents and make a video promoting a pro-life message.

Attendees to NRLC 2019 had the opportunity to watch and listen to this year’s winner, Olivia Stone. It left many in the audience in tears with the beauty of its message.

You can find the video—“Wanted” —on YouTube.

If I say anything in detail, it will spoil what will be a tremendous experience for you. Suffice it to say the three-minute-long video is set in an abortion clinic and that the decision whether to choose life or death hangs on a knife-edge.

The top three finalists in the National Right to Life Video Contest are automatically entered into the LifeFest Film Festival in Hollywood, California. The first-place winning submission is shown to all attendees of the annual National Right to Life Convention (as it was this year) at a plenary session which is also live streamed online.

Showcase your creativity and present a new perspective on the issue of life. Filmmakers can choose any tone or theme, as long as the images and music are original or they have permission to use them.

Entries can be submitted on the website:

We’re looking forward to some fantastic 2020 entries! The deadline for submissions for the 8th annual National Right to Life Video Contest is May 29, 2020.

For additional information, please visit or email

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