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WOMP, WOMP: ABC, CBS Ignore Planned Parenthood’s Embarrassing Shake-Up

by | Jul 17, 2019

By Curtis Houck

Editor’s note. This is excerpted from a post that appeared at Newsbusters.

It was a great day for the pro-life cause on Tuesday as the board of the abortion group Planned Parenthood embarrassingly fired president and Dr. Leana Wen after only eight months on the job. Unfortunately, ABC’s World News Tonight and the CBS Evening News saw no reason to inform their viewers about Wen’s ouster as the organization charged with murdering unborn children has found itself in dire financial straits.

In contrast, this was the second story covered on NBC Nightly News with a full, one-minute-and-41-second report from White House correspondent Kristen Welker.

Anchor Lester Holt stated in the lead-in that there was “breaking news tonight of a shake-up at Planned Parenthood” which “forc[ed] out its President after less than a year on the job, and it comes amid a battle over new and more restrictive abortion laws across the country.”

Welker then went to work revealing that Wen tweeted late Tuesday afternoon that “the [Planned Parenthood] Board ended my employment at a secret meeting” because, as she later stated in a letter, the two sides had “philosophical differences over the direction” of the organization.

The NBC correspondent again quoted the physician, who asserted that she didn’t agree with the board’s belief that they should “double down on abortion rights advocacy.”

Perhaps equally important was what Welker stated next, which was the possibility that a new Trump administration “rule barring federally-funded family planning clinics from providing referrals for abortion” that could spell doom for Planned Parenthood’s finances to the tune of “about $60 million a year” in losses.

In part, Welker concluded by citing that the regulation was in addition to legislation in states across the country “restrict[ing] access to abortion,” mirroring President Trump’s insistence that protecting life “has long been a key priority and campaign promise.” …

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